Cheap and Easy Do-it-Yourself Gift Ideas for Students

Students might be dreading the holidays for the fear of having to buy people things with money they don't have. But you won't have to break the bank with these do-it-yourself gift ideas.


DIY Gift Ideas

The holidays are coming! What's a student to do? You don't have much money to buy gifts for everyone and you're not the craftiest person on your campus, so of course you're feeling a little lost. Don't worry: you don't have to empty out your pockets picking up great gifts for friends and family. There are still a few homemade, do-it-yourself gifts that even the least creative student can make.

Cookie Bags

Despite the name, this gift does not involve cooking a thing. Pick out your favorite cookie recipe, preferably something simple. Take all the dry ingredients, measure them out and mix them together. Make sure not to add eggs, water or oil, just the dry ingredients. Then seal the dry ingredients into a festive plastic bag and garnish with the remaining cookie directions and as many bows or ribbons as you see fit. No cooking required.

If you'd rather just make the cookies themselves, put them in the festive plastic bag instead. Be sure to include the recipe taped to the outside of the bag.

Pressed Flowers

A sentimental gift can be even better than an expensive one. Find out a friend or family member's favorite flower. Because it's winter, you'll probably have to go to a florist to get it, but since you're only getting one it won't cost you very much. Get a big hefty book, like that textbook you won't be opening up all winter break, and put the flower in the middle of it. Be sure to put some paper on either side so you don't stain the book. Then you just wait a while.

After a week or two, the flower will be pressed and dry. Then you can either laminate it for a bookmark or just glue it to a nice card with a little bit of ribbon.

Bath Salt Bags

This is meant for bulk gifts, when you want something simple to give your broad friend circle. Buy a large jar of bath salts, some ribbon and colored mesh cloth. Cut the cloth into small squares, fill the squares with salt and tie off at the top with ribbon to form little pouches. Make sure to tie tightly at the top with a double knot so the salts will not come out.

These little pouches will smell good and can be dropped into a bath for a soothing time. This is great for friends and even for mothers of friends and dates who you may have never met before. Try to pick scents like almond and cucumber if you are buying for people you don't know, just in case they have allergic reactions to floral scents.

Picture Frames

This is a classic, and while you won't be using macaroni anymore, the picture frame is still a rather charming gift. Buy a cheap wooden picture frame from a local craft store, and from there the possibilities are endless. Paint, leaves, glitter, feathers and seashells are all great ideas for decorating your frame. You can even just coat the frame in glue and then dip it into sand. You'd be surprised how sparkly and unique it can look.

As an added touch, you can put a picture in the frame of you and whomever you are giving it to. It can be a funny scene you want them to remember or something more romantic if you're giving it to a significant other.

Crayon Art

While this is not a very useful gift, it's a pretty cool one. Get some thick paper or cardboard and glue a rainbow of crayons across the top, side by side with the points facing down. Place the paper vertically against a wall with the crayons at the top. Then take a hair dryer set to the very highest setting and heat all the crayons till they begin to melt and drip down the page. This will take a while, but it's not difficult to do. Blow the drips from the crayons either straight down the paper or side to side to create streaks or patterns. It sounds childish, and it takes a little while, but it's a creative piece of art.

You can also choose just shades of one color, like reds or blues, to make it better fit whoever you are giving it to. Be careful as you do this project because hot wax can and will burn you.

Favor Coupon Book

This is the easiest gift to make and it can be quite meaningful, too. All you do is take note cards and write in swirly text on them 'this coupon is good for one…' and then whatever you are offering them.

You can tailor this to anybody in your life. For your mother, it can be a book of chores or a back rub. For your girlfriend or boyfriend, it can be date coupons. For a friend, you can include movie nights, help with homework and of course hugs. You can decorate the book of cards to be as pretty or as simple as you want.

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