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Explore your options for studying music journalism. Though you may not be able to find a degree program specifically in this field, you could pursue a combination of fields, such as a major in journalism and a minor in music. Check the prerequisites for journalism and music programs, and review your options for online study. Find out what you'd learn in a music program and in a journalism program. Schools offering Digital Marketing degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

If you have an interest in music journalism as a career, you may be able to choose from a few educational paths. This article will help clarify your options by reviewing coursework, degree options, and more.

How Do I Find a Music Journalism College?

Music journalism is a career that merges the art and study of music with journalistic reporting and critique. The field of study is not common; however, there are schools that offer undergraduate and graduate programs in both music and journalism. You could choose from a number of fine arts, performance or musical culture programs that allow you to take elective courses or minor in journalism. Alternately, if you wish to enroll in a journalism program, verify the school also contains a music program that offers acceptable courses you can apply toward your degree requirements.

Are There Prerequisites?

You might have to pass a performance audition in order to be accepted into a music program. Since many universities offer music and journalism programs within different departments, you might require acceptance or approval for both a school of music and a school of journalism or communications. It's recommended you seek admissions or academic advising before enrolling in a school to ensure that you can combine courses from both schools or departments into your degree program.

Are There Online Programs Available?

Music programs usually require you to participate in instrumental training or performances at the school. You might be able to find hybrid programs in music that allow you to complete portions of the curricula online and participate in some on-campus courses or performances.

Online programs in English and journalism are more prevalent. Many schools also offer individual or stand-alone courses in many journalism concentrations in an online format. Online programs offer the same level of education as on-campus programs. You might need to download or purchase required software used in the program, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader or Microsoft Office.

What Degree Would I Earn?

Focusing on the music aspect of your studies, you could earn a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) or Bachelor of Music (B.M.) at the undergraduate level. Graduate degrees include a Master of Arts or a Master of Music. Possible programs include performing arts, musicology and American musical culture.

Because of the emphases on research and writing, programs leading to a B.A. or M.A. might offer more flexibility for a career in music journalism than B.M., B.F.A. or M.M. degree programs. In some cases, B.A. and M.A. programs give you sufficient leeway to select appropriate electives to earn an additional major or minor in journalism or English. Typically, Fine arts programs tend focus on teaching, performing or composing and have fewer non-music electives.

If you opt to study journalism, you can earn a bachelor's or master's degree. You might be able to select relevant electives in music to supplement your training in music journalism.

Which Schools Offer Bachelor Degree Programs in Music?

Numerous institutions allow students to earn a bachelor's degree in music, such as the proceeding schools:

  • New England Conservatory has a Bachelor of Music degree program
  • The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill provides a Bachelor of Arts in Music degree program
  • University of Maryland houses a Bachelor of Arts in Music degree program

Which Schools Offer Master Degree Programs in Music?

Students can find master degree programs in music at various colleges and universities. A handful of examples are:

  • Ball State University hosts a Master of Arts in Music degree program
  • Yale School of Music offers a Master of Musical Arts degree program
  • Hunter College Master has a Master of Arts in Music degree program

Which Schools Offer Bachelor Degree Programs in Journalism?

A bachelor degree program in journalism is a common offering at many schools, including the following ones:

  • University of Nevada Reno houses a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism degree program
  • Temple University has a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism degree program
  • The University of Texas at Austin delivers a Bachelor of Journalism degree program

Which Schools Offer Master Degree Programs in Journalism?

Master degree programs in journalism are also available at a number of schools. Below are a handful of them:

  • Columbia University offers a Master of Science in Journalism degree program
  • A Master of Arts in Journalism degree program can be found at University of Miami
  • University of Southern California has a Master of Science in Journalism degree program

What Would I Learn?

Some typical course topics in both undergraduate and graduate programs can include choral or instrumental ensemble, solo performance, music theory, ear training and the relationship between music and culture. In addition to English and expository writing courses, you might select journalism-related electives in mass communications, writing about the arts, electronic media writing, music history and journalism law. A few schools offer elective courses specifically in music journalism.

To gain practical experience, you could write articles for your school's in-house newspaper. In a journalism or broadcasting program, you might have the opportunity to offer musical critiques or reporting on the school's radio station. Degree programs could also include seminars in areas related to music journalism. You might also have the opportunity to participate in an internship program at an off-campus newspaper, museum, television or radio station.

While music journalism degrees are not commonly offered, you will likely be able to pursue a degree in either music or journalism and supplement that degree with courses from the other field. Programs in music or journalism are offered at the bachelor and master degree level, and can be found at many different schools.

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