Determine Your Study Style to Make the Most of Your Study Time

Making the most of your study time is critical in college. We've come up with a series of questions for you to determine your style of studying.

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Making the Most of Your Time Studying

Different people need different environments and situations in order to be at their best academically. But which study method fits you? Take this short quiz to help determine where and how you're likely to learn best. Just answer the questions and then look at the bottom of the page to see what's right for you!

1. It's right after class and you're tired as you've ever been. You didn't get the best sleep last night, but you know you have a big test tomorrow and probably have a long night of studying ahead. What do you do next?

A. Grab a blanket and head outdoors with a book. You'll study in the shade so you won't get too sleepy from the sun, and you'll do it now so you can hang out with friends at night when you can't study outside.

B. Take a short break to let your friends know not to come looking for you right now, and go hit the books in your room alone. No distractions or friends for you 'til that work is done.

C. Round up your friends from the same class and see if they want to go have a study party. Sure, it's studying, but it's also a great way to hang out with your buddies!

D. You don't feel like studying now, but you'll bring your books with you to a local student lounge to watch TV for a while. There will be people going in and out, and when the right mood and noise level hits, you'll open the books and begin.

E. You won't study right now, but you'll plan for it before you go see friends. You'll give yourself a set start time later this evening, and you won't stop studying until another set time.

2. The teacher assigns a take-home quiz that must be done by Friday. You have a few days to get it done, so when and how do you do it?

A. Check online for the sunniest brightest day and plan to do it then, when you can be outside in a mentally relaxing environment.

B. Take it that very day, while all the concepts are fresh in your mind and you can be sure no one will distract you.

C. Call some friends and see if they all want to schedule a time to take the test in the same room. You won't cheat, but at least when the test is done you can all celebrate together.

D. Check the TV schedule and find a day when they're showing a TV show you're familiar with. It won't distract you, because you know it, and the background noise will keep you calm while you work.

E. Pick a day mid-way through the week and decide to start at an exact time. If you know exactly what you're doing when, it won't interfere with social events that might pop up.

3. You wake up one morning and remember that there's a quiz this afternoon you forgot about. Oh no! You have about three hours before you have to go to class. How do you prepare last minute?

A. Rush out to an outside table and crack those books right now while the sun is high. Afternoon sun can make people sleepy, anyway, and you want to be awake for this!

B. Lock yourself in your room, try not to panic, and study like a madman. No food, no friends, no distractions 'til you're done

C. Call people to see if anyone else forgot or if anyone wants to do a last minute review. Maybe seeing how others studied will help you prepare.

D. Open your window, turn on the radio, and sit in bed where you're comfortable. Studying stressed out isn't going to do you any good, so get relaxed and get reading!

E. Take ten minutes to lay out all the concepts you'll need to know and then study them one by one. At the end, review it all to make sure you've got it. This should take you exactly three hours.

4. Where would you most like classes to be held?

A. An outdoor amphitheater, preferably where there are trees and a light breeze.

B. At a desk with as small a class as possible, where you can have your own thoughts and space.

C. In a lecture hall with lots of people and discussion.

D. In a museum where you can learn and see what you need to know but also hear people walking and talking.

E. Anywhere as long it relates to the lesson plan and fits into the teacher's curriculum. No trips unless they are about what you're studying.

5. A close friend wants to do homework with you tonight. What do you say?

A. Sure, but can we do it in the day and make a picnic out of it?

B. No, sorry. We can hang out afterwards, though.

C. Sure! Can we invite more friends and make this a real event?

D. Sure, but let's pop in a movie while we work so we don't get too stressed.

E. Okay, but only if you can really buckle down and get work done bit by bit like me. Otherwise, no thanks.

6. You have to write this huge essay for your final project due a month from now. How do you go about writing it?

A. Whenever there's a nice day, go work outside. The natural environment will surely inspire you.

B. Write for a short time after class every day, so you can always get it done without distractions but still have time for friends.

C. Organize a regular meeting of friends where you can look over how your paper is going so far and edit it as you go.

D. Do it whenever you're comfortable and have the right noise level. Maybe align it with a specific show every evening.

E. Plan for exactly seven hours of work each week, and schedule that week in advance so that you get all the work done before the weekend. You'll be done writing the paper with a week to spare!


Mostly A's: Nature Studier

Ah, the great outdoors! The best place for you to study is someplace where you can be outside. And why not? Natural lighting is good for your eyes and body, and the soothing sounds of the natural world are relaxing. Your perfect study spot is probably out on a lawn on a picnic blanket, notes and books in hand. You can also probably deal well with others joining you, assuming they are calm and quiet.

Mostly B's: Solo Studier

To study best, you need utter silence. No distractions, no people, just you and a book with notes. This doesn't mean you're not a social person, just that you learn best on your own. Set aside some time after classes before you even go see friends or relax and start studying while things are still fresh in your memory. Also, consider getting a 'do not disturb' sign to hang on your front door so you won't get any visitors during your alone time.

Mostly C's: Social Studier

In general, you're probably a people person. This applies to your study habits as well. What you need in order to learn best is a large group of study buddies. Bounce ideas off each other, and ask for help if you don't understand the material. Make studying into a competition or game so that it's more of a social event than actual work. Most of all, make sure that when you do get into a group that you actually get work done rather than just sitting around talking.

Mostly D's: Clutter Studier

While some people need peace and quiet, that just doesn't sit right with you. You feel uncomfortable in total silence and need at least some white noise in order to work. Sitting at a desk feels awkward, so familiar places where you can relax are better. You may not want to study in a group, but going to a populated area to study might be a good bet. Perhaps just turning on your radio or TV will work. Try studying during the day when you're sure people will be awake and won't be disturbed by the noise you need.

Mostly E's: Structure Studier

For you, it doesn't matter where you study so much as how. You need a plan and a method to follow to the letter. Before you start, make sure you have food and water nearby so you won't have to stop or deviate from your schedule. You're not the kind of person who likes to take breaks, so you might want to take a bathroom trip first, too. Make sure you have a list of what you're doing in what order, and check off things as you go. If people are around, don't let them distract you from your course.

Want to know how to deal with that study time best? Try these simple time management tips of straight-A students during your next study session!

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