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Where Can I Find Free Online Aviation Courses?

Free online aviation courses are available at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The school's OpenCourseWare (OCW) platform provides you with the chance to learn without the cost.

What You Should Know

With the following online courses, you can study aviation at your pace. Topics covered include airline management and scheduling. Available resources include assignments and lecture notes provided as PDF files.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) offers various courses in aviation, through its OpenCourseWare (OCW) platform. Airline management is an OCW course that prepares students for aviation management careers. This free non-credit course assumes that you have a background in probability and statistics, transportation economics and microeconomics. Additionally, airline schedule planning is offered by MIT, originally provided to graduate students on campus. The course is available to anyone who wants to study airline scheduling. While the course does not cite requirements, a strong background in math is beneficial. Finally, MIT's air traffic control course presents materials initially offered to graduate students for credit. You can study all of these course materials for free at your convenience.

Airline Management

What Will I Learn?

Completing this course will teach you how airlines make management and operations planning decisions based on economic data. The course examines economic models used by airlines to schedule flights, design flight routes, create fare prices and control costs.

What Materials Are Included?

There are lecture notes, as PDF files, on topics ranging from airline operating costs and revenue management to route planning. Mathematical formulas are provided for calculating financial data, like RPMs (revenue passenger miles) - the number of aircraft passengers multiplied by that aircraft's traveling distance in miles. The bibliography cites readings in textbooks, journal articles and papers, including a report by the Canadian government on measurement concepts related to passenger demand.

Airline Schedule Planning

What Topics Are Studied?

You'll learn how to schedule flights, assign crews, design passenger loads and route aircraft to ensure they receive regular maintenance. Other topics covered include algorithms and model solutions aimed at addressing airline operations and scheduling problems.

What Materials Are Provided?

The course provides lecture notes in PowerPoint format on topics such as robust scheduling and integrated fleeting models. There are three assignments as problem sets without solutions; an Excel support file is included with the first problem set. You can also access an Optimization Programming Language (OPL) software tutorial with supporting files, which you'll need to solve some problems.

Air Traffic Control

What Will I Learn?

This course covers methods for analyzing air traffic control system functions such as monitoring and directing aircraft to ensure the safety of passengers. You'll also study National Airspace System (SAS) aircraft surveillance practices and the Automated Terminal Radar System (ARTS) used by air traffic controllers.

What Materials Are Included?

You can access lecture notes and a bibliography that includes reports on current and proposed air traffic control systems in the United States and Europe. There is also a link to the USA/Europe Air Traffic Management Research and Development Seminars website, which provides links to papers presented at past seminars.