Improve Your Memory and Study Less with These Brain Games

Improvements to your memory lead to less studying, and brain games are a great way to boost your capacity for learning and retention. If you're ready to grow your brain while having fun, check out the list of games below!

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Improve Your Memory with Brain Games

Having trouble keeping things memorized after you study? Feel like concentrating doesn't come easily to you? Is remembering concepts giving you headaches? You can fix all of that just by playing games! You might already be playing brain games and don't even know it.


If you haven't noticed yet, Sudoku-mania is sweeping the nation. For good reason, too. This game of numbers and ordering is not only fun, it also helps your brain. Keeping every thing in order boosts organizational skills, which in turn can help you keep things straight in your head. With continued regular practice, Sudoku can help concentration, which makes studying easier. You'll find remembering things you just learned easier too. The best part of it is that you don't have to pay a cent to play it. You can find it for free on several websites using Google, in local newspapers and even on your smartphone.

Word Memorization Puzzle

This one's a little more old fashioned but it helps memory just as well. All you have to do is write down ten nouns. They can be is simple as 'cat' and as complex as 'coffee filter.' Memorize the words in order and recite them. Once you've got that done, do it backwards, in alphabetical order, by size and so on. Lastly, write down a story that uses each of the words in order. Doing this regularly will make memorizing all those facts from textbooks much easier.

Card Matching

This is another one you can do without touching a computer or phone. All you need is a deck of cards. Pick two of each number and mix them up. Lay them all in front of you, face down in rows. Then simply turn them over two at a time, trying to match the numbers. When you match a pair, remove them. When you don't match a pair, turn the cards back to face down and try another two. Do this until you have eliminated all the cards. This is an easy one to do every day, and if you would really like to there are sites and apps that have this game available online.

Concept Games

This is a little game you can play right as you're studying. It has been shown that the brain remembers things better if they rhyme or are in a song. Try this while you study. Read a line out loud from any textbook then close your eyes and try to say it again word for word. Then, read a line from a textbook singing it to one of your favorite tunes. Close your eyes and try singing it again. As lyrics, isn't the sentence easier to recall? You can try to memorize all your concepts using music if you want to. You can also make them into rhymes or alliteration. You may still even remember to this day that in 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue. That alone should be proof enough that these kinds of concept games work.

Word Scrambles

These different games are available on many sites and on your smartphone, but the basic concept remains the same. All you have to do is take a series of scrambled up letters and try to make words from them. The longer the word you can make, the better you're doing. All that's left is to choose what pattern, grid or system you will be using to pick letters from. You can do it on your own without a computer by playing games like scrabble or by just using scrabble tiles for mixing and picking words from. Boggle is another game you can play offline with a similar concept. These games help you concentrate and improve your attention span, which means you'll be able to retain knowledge better with the time you spend studying. They can also improve your verbal fluency, which will help you recall more complex vocabulary for that next paper.

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