Mobile Devices that Can Improve Your Job Search

If you're looking for a job and wondering how to make your search a little easier, check out this list of mobile devices and applications that can give you a leg up in the job race. Schools offering Computer Engineering degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

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Mobile Devices to Improve a Job Search

Modern technology has altered both the speed and the thoroughness with which we can search for jobs. Here are some electronic tips to make life easier for the savvy career-minded individual.

Smoother Sailing via Technology

A key skill to possess in the job market is versatility, and that holds true in any context. You'll want to impress upon your potential employers that you can rise to any challenge they throw at you. You should make sure that your technology can do the same.

A few purchases (some cheap, some not so cheap) and a little common sense can go a long way towards making sure you're prepared for almost any interview or presentation.

Smartphones: One of the most revolutionary devices of the modern era, smartphones are almost a necessary investment for working professionals. Depending on your job, they might actually be required. The ability to instantaneously receive and reply to e-mail, social networking alerts (think: LinkedIn, on the go) and more is the very definition of modern convenience.

There's an app for that: Related to the above point, numerous smartphone applications exist that can help you nail down the right employment. Popular job sites like and CareerBuilder have programs specifically designed for use on your Android or Apple phone that allow you to quickly search for jobs based on industry and location. Beyond apps linked to job sites, other programs exist, like the app 'SnapDat,' which allows you to instantaneously send folks your business card electronically.

Podcasts: Mobile devices of all kinds can also be used to download or stream audio recordings known as podcasts. While walking through an airport or enjoying a new city's public transportation, check out free programs like 'JobDig', 'The Voice of Job Seekers', or 'The Job Search Boot Camp Show'.

Power to the people: One of the easiest technical devices to overlook in any setting is a power strip or power adapter. You can purchase a compact, travel-oriented outlet splitter to facilitate electricity access at places with limited plugability (airports, coffee houses, etc.), allowing you to beef up your resume or get some side work done almost anywhere. Also worth considering: power converters for airline outlets (if you fly a lot) or for other countries (if you tend to find yourself overseas).

Presentation tools: If a key part of your job pitch involves a multimedia presentation, make sure it goes smoothly and you prove to be an engaging speaker. You could buy a simple presentation remote, one with just enough buttons to do its job without being too complicated. That frees you up to explore your space and minimizes the chance of catastrophic wrong-button pushing. Additionally, if these presentations are important to you, make sure you're using the best software for the job; Apple iWork's Keynote can be a particularly solid option here.

Documentation: It's important to have crucial job documents ready to go in a variety of formats, both for security and ease. For instance, why not store an important presentation as both a .PDF and in .HTML format, and put it on a laptop, a USB drive and a smartphone's hard drive? This flexibility makes you prepared to deal with both differently equipped employers and any potential surprise mishaps from your own technology.

How are smartphones revolutionizing campus life?

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