New Year's Resolutions That Can Improve Your Career

Making New Year's resolutions can be something to re-energize your working career. However, really sticking to them is a whole other story. Use some of these tips to help keep your New Year's resolutions in place.

career goals new year

New Year's Resolutions to Help Improve Your Career

The beginning of the year is a great time to think about your career. Why? Because those New Year's resolutions can help move you toward professional goals with a new way of looking at things. Whether you're looking for a job, changing careers or itching to move up the ladder where you're at, these actionable resolutions may help.

1. Assess Your Goals

We all know it's important to work toward goals. Sometimes, though, people find themselves moving toward achievements they no longer really want. The beginning of the year is a great time to identify what will really make you happy. That can help you make necessary course corrections, in the new year, to accommodate changes in your outlook.

2. Review Your Options

After you're sure about what you want, examine the directions you might take to get there. For example, will you be able to reach professional goals at your current company? You might discuss opportunities with a manager. If you're looking for a job or changing careers, think about actions that will give you the best chance of success going forward.

3. Rebuild Your Resume

Regardless of your employment status, it's a good idea to update your resume annually. And what better time than at the beginning of the year? Incorporate your relevant achievements and experiences from the past 12 months so your resume is an up-to-date representation of all you can bring to a company.

4. Get Educated

For most people, taking the next step career-wise will require additional education or training. Maybe it's a full degree program, maybe it's a short course at a nearby community college. Even if you don't need a degree or additional training, be intentional toward learning more about your profession from colleagues.

5. Network

A great way to become more educated in your career is by actively networking. Most people know that joining a professional organization or another group could really benefit them, but relatively few take the opportunity to get involved in any substantial way. Buck the percentages by meeting up with people who do what you want to do.

career goals new year

6. Volunteer

Another great way to meet others in your career area is through volunteer work. You might choose to help a community agency that can benefit from the skills you have to offer. Not only will you be helping to make a positive difference, but it's likely you'll meet other professional contacts who may one day share opportunities.

7. Renovate Your Personality

The idea here isn't shock therapy or becoming someone you're not. Instead, it's being thoughtful about how you interact with others. Make a conscious effort to treat everyone well. Whether in dealing with colleagues or community members, a little patience and an open smile can go far toward making professional allies.

8. Get Some Help

No one has all the answers - particularly in a job market where every open position is targeted by hundreds or thousands of applicants. Getting the job you want isn't going to be easy, but it can be made easier with the right advice. Find an experienced mentor who can provide you with guidance as you negotiate career decisions.

9. Get Healthy

How can getting enough sleep, eating well and exercising benefit your employment prospects? Healthy people are able to look and feel their best. Going to an interview deprived of sleep or nutrition can show in your appearance and attitude. If your objective is to move up in your current company, being healthy will also help you to stay energized.

10. Express Appreciation

Times are difficult - there's no getting around that. Career opportunities close at hand a few years ago now may seem fading dreams. But we all have important things in our lives, whether it's family, friends, pets or passions. Even as the world of work may be in tumult, there are reasons to be grateful for what we have - including another year.

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