Online Animal Husbandry Degrees and Courses

Online programs related to animal husbandry are typically offered in a hybrid format that combines online and on-campus classes. Read more about your program options, and explore some course topics you could study. Review your job options in the animal science industry.

What You Need to Know

You can't complete a degree in animal husbandry entirely online, but you can pursue a related degree that includes online courses in the field. If you've already taken some college courses or have an associate degree in agriculture, you may consider entering an online bachelor's degree completion program in animal science. While core courses are completed on-campus, you'll take upper division courses in animal science online on your way toward a Bachelor of Science degree.

It is also possible to take some self-paced online courses for professional development as a non-degree candidate. You should check individual school requirements for enrollment procedures for stand-alone courses.

Courses Dairy cattle and beef cattle science, swine and poultry science at the undergraduate level; animal resource and livestock grazing management, animal breeding at the graduate level
Degrees Bachelor of Science in Animal Science or Agricultural Management
Online Options Most programs available in a hybrid format

What Online Courses Can I Take?

You can take Web-based courses that introduce basic methods and theories in the field. For example, an online course in domestic animal anatomy and physiology will provide you with a broad understanding of the gross anatomy and physiology of healthy cows, horses, pigs, dogs and cats. You'll conduct virtual dissections using computer simulation programs.

A distance learning class in the principles of animal nutrition will give an overview of nutritional concerns for domesticated animals, with particular attention to poultry, swine, horses and beef and dairy cattle. You'll learn about computerized systems for portion control and balancing diets.

If you manage a dairy farm, you can take an online introductory tutorial in DairyCOMP software. You'll learn how databases can help you collect, analyze and report herd management data such as milk production, breeding and the health of each individual cow.

Some other Web courses available include:

  • Beef cattle science
  • Dairy cattle science
  • Swine science
  • Poultry science
  • Animal resource management
  • Livestock grazing management
  • Animal breeding systems

Schools for Animal Husbandry

The following schools offer online courses related to animal husbandry. Most of these schools require a combination of online and on-campus training to complete a degree program.

  • Alfred State SUNY College of Technology (Alfred, New York): Associate of Applied Science in Agricultural Business; courses in animal science, domestic animal anatomy, dairy cattle production, livestock management
  • Stephen F. Austin State University (Nacogdoches, Texas): Bachelor of Science in Animal Science; courses in animal health, feed formulation and manufacturing, beef cattle science, dairy production
  • NC State University (Raleigh, North Carolina): Distance Education Master of Animal Science; courses in animal genetic improvement, applied ruminant nutrition, reproductive physiology of mammals, equine nutrition, advanced swine reproductive management

What Career Options Do I Have?

Upon completion of an animal science degree program, you may pursue a career in ranch management, livestock production or dairy farming. You might find a job with a pharmaceutical or seed company. With an M.Agr. you also have the option to become a land and animal resource manager for a conservation trust or federal agency. As an agricultural manager, you may be responsible for ensuring the sustainability and productivity of both land and animal resources.