Online Calculus Classes

Find out what you can learn in online calculus courses. Read about the types of degree programs that may require courses in calculus, as well as what kinds of technology you'll need to access the class. Schools offering Mathematics degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

What Types of Calculus Classes Are Offered Online?

Some online courses in calculus at the baccalaureate level are designed for people who are earning degrees outside of math, engineering, or science. In these courses, you'll typically learn the basic elements of differential and integral calculus. Calculus classes geared towards majors like engineering cover more specialized subjects, such as vector analysis.

Calculus I

The foundational course for calculus, a calculus I course generally teaches basic concepts in single-variable calculus. You may learn about derivatives, limits and differentiation, and the chain rule. Other topics that may be covered include the mean value theorem, linear approximation, and antiderivatives.

Calculus II

Calculus II courses provide a further exploration of single-variable calculus, including polar coordinates and inverse functions. Students may learn to represent exponential and logarithmic functions in addition to learning advanced techniques in integration. Parametric equations and infinite series are other possible topics in this type of course.

Calculus III: Multivariable Calculus

Concepts of multidimensional space, multivariable integration, and multivariable differentiation are typically introduced in a multivariable calculus course. You may learn different theorems, such as Green's theorem and divergence theorem. Line and surface integrals may be covered as well as double and triple integrals.

Vector Calculus

Courses related to vector calculus build on the fundamentals of calculus to expand into vector analysis techniques. Vector differential calculus, n-dimensional Euclidean space, and the implicit function theorem are possible topics. When designed for engineering majors, this course may prepare students to apply techniques like matrix operations, Lagrange multipliers, and linear algebra to gauge changing conditions within a system.

Applied Linear Algebra

Linear algebra coexists with calculus; matrix operations, linear equations, eigenvalues and eigenvectors are some of the topics covered in this type of course. You may also learn systems of linear equations and matrices of linear transformations and how to apply these concepts to other disciplines, like engineering, computer science, and economics.

What Types of Degrees Are Available?

Calculus courses are taught online for different purposes. Many online courses are designed for college-bound students who want online credit. Some programs are designed for AP students seeking AP credits. Most online classes take one semester to complete.

Besides a BS or MS in mathematics, calculus is required for other majors, such as engineering, computer science, business, education, physics, and medicine. Some degree programs require two or more semesters of calculus. If you're currently pursuing a degree that has a calculus requirement, many schools will allow you to transfer credits from an online course into your program.

What Technology Will I Need to Take Courses Online?

Calculus courses may require or recommend students to have a graphing calculator like the TI-89. A reliable, fast internet connection and computer are required, as well as an updated browser, such as Internet Explorer or Chrome. Additionally, online courses may require software like Adobe Connect for participation in a virtual classroom. Schools usually recommend Microsoft Office for documents and spreadsheets. Other required software used in these courses might include Mathematica.

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