Online Cell Biology Courses

Cell biology course are offered through degree programs such as immunology, genetics and molecular biology. Learn about scientific topics of study, online class structure and school requirements. Schools offering Anatomy & Physiology degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

What Can I Expect to Learn in an Online Cell Biology Course?

Cell biology relates to the property of cells, their structure and their interaction with the environment. The field also covers the subunits within a cell, which are called organelles. The field is diverse, and can focus both on single celled organisms, such as bacteria and protozoa, as well as multi-celled organisms.

Courses in the subject can be found in a wide range of undergraduate and graduate degree programs. You could take cell biology courses while enrolled in programs in genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry, immunology and developmental biology. Examples of the kind of courses you may find online follow.

Cell Biology

Students will learn about the structure and communication between cells. In addition to the topic of cells and biology, biochemistry will be part of the curriculum.

Molecular Biology

There is also a course with a focus on molecular biology. Students will study how systems within a cell interact with each other, particularly in relation to gene regulation, DNA repair and DNA recombination.


A prerequisite for many of the cell biology courses you may take, biochemistry studies the function of nucleic acids, membranes and proteins. If your focus is on the medical sciences you may analyze and evaluate literature related to biochemistry research.

Topics in DNA

There are a variety of courses offered online related to discussions and study of DNA and cell nuclei. You may learn about the role DNA has in diseases, how it's damaged and its relationship to biotechnology.

Microbial Physiology

In this course students will learn about the relationship between physiology and microbiology. Students may learn about the structure of bacterial cells and current research topics such as microbes in extreme environments. Prerequisites may include genetics and biochemistry.

How Can I Complete a Course Online?

If you are unable to attend a cell biology course through an on-campus university program, you might consider enrolling in such a course online. You can do so by enrolling in a distance-learning program in biology or a similar field, or by enrolling in just one non-credit course.

An online cell biology course often relies heavily on graphics and lectures. Many schools provide webcasts and podcasts for course presentation. In an online course, you often have the opportunity to view slides that represent many different cells. Many schools use a teaching methodology called BlackBoard. BlackBoard allows you to interact with faculty via the Internet and helps you create a personalized learning experience. BlackBoard now has mobile applications for people on the go.

Some larger universities also provide online cell biology courses through a program called OpenCourseWare. The courses are not graded, and will provide you with minimal access to faculty members. You also cannot earn college credit for these programs, although many of them are free of charge.

What Technology Will I Need to Take Online Cell Biology Classes?

It is best to have a fairly new computer when taking online biology courses. Computers should be running Windows XP or higher and have a good video and sound card. Graphics are particularly important in a cell biology course, so you would want a computer capable of presenting images correctly. A broadband Internet connection is highly recommended. Streaming audio and podcasts will be problematic on a dial-up connection. Hard drives should have at least one gigabyte of free space available.

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