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Penn-Foster responds quickly to information requests through this website.
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Penn Foster High School responds quickly to information requests through this website.

Online Courses in Computer Technology

If you are interested in how computers work, online computer technology courses may be of interest to you. Learn about what computer technology courses are available online, what will be covered in them, and what supplies you'll need to take a class online.

What Types of Online Computer Technology Courses are Available?

You can find abundant online computer technology courses through bachelor's degree programs in relevant program fields. These 4-year degree plans allow you to specialize in areas such as network administration or database management after completing core computer science or information technology coursework. Undergraduates may also be able to find online coursework at the associate level.

Online graduate certificate programs allow you to focus on areas such as information systems management or information security. Graduate-level courses that are part of master's degrees in computer science or information technology are also available online. While there are many different types of computer technology courses, the following list provides five common examples.

Introduction to Java

Students will learn the basics of the Java language in an introduction to Java course. As part of this course, students will also learn about object-oriented and user interface programming in the context of application development.

Website Development

Website development courses typically cover the vocabulary and tools used in the field of website development and maintenance. Discussions may include HTML5, CSS, Ajax, scripting languages, and databases. The various software and services available for integration into a website may be covered.

Security Technologies

Students typically learn about the various information security issues and how to address them using appropriate security applications. Students may also learn to analyze risk and computer and network security policies.

Software Development

Courses in software development generally cover the fundamentals of software engineering across multiple programming languages. Topics of discussion may also include software development principles, design, testing, maintenance, and impacts of programming language on IT application development. To enhance the learning process, students may be given an opportunity to design and test an application.

Programming Logic

Courses about programming logic cover the basics of logic used in object-oriented and procedural programming. Students may learn about program structure and problem recognition/solving. They may also use Python and flowcharts to implement logic.

What Technology Will I Need to Take an Online Course?

The computer you use should be accessible to you on a regular basis. It should have a high-resolution monitor and a hard drive capable of storing large files. Schools often have specific system requirements regarding processing speed and RAM. A consistent high speed internet connection will be necessary. You will also need speakers, headphones, a DVD drive, a webcam, a microphone, the latest version of MacOS or Windows, and various software applications specific to the program and school.