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Online Nail Art Classes

Courses related to nail art and manicuring must be completed in person because of the hands-on training that is required. Explore some common courses you'd take in an on-campus nail technology program, and learn more about what these programs entail.

What Kind of Courses Can I Take?

Nail art is typically studied through broader programs in nail technology, manicuring or cosmetology. You'll need to take on-campus classes in order to complete professional nail technician training, since you'll need hands-on practice using tools like files and nail polish brushes. If you enroll in a training program, you'll learn how to perform manicures and pedicures, as well as some basic nail art and sculpting techniques. You may take some or all of the following on-campus courses:

Nail Technology I

Nail technology I focuses on sanitation, including sterilization and infection control procedures, as well as the anatomy of the nail and nail health. You will also cover some customer service techniques, such as conducting a nail consultation, and the basics of applying nail polish.

Nail Technology II

Nail technology II focuses on more advanced concepts in nail technology, safe practices and nail care. It also includes information on nail art and nail enhancements, such as the application of artificial nails and decorations.

Nail Technology Laboratory

A nail technology lab course allows you to apply what you've learned in the classroom and gain hands-on experience by performing manicures, pedicures, and nail art techniques. Some skills you'll practice may include applying nail tips and wraps.

Salon Management

Salon management focuses on the requirements for the day-to-day running of a salon, as well as practical advice on marketing, advertising, client satisfaction, and insurance. The software programs that are typically used in a salon are also covered.

State Board Preparation

State board preparation classes cover the licensing process and other necessary state-specific information, as well as preparation for the state exam. These courses help students prepare for the hands-on and/or written components of the exam for nail technician or cosmetologist licensure, depending on the program.

What Level of Nail Technician Courses are Available?

These courses are widely available through an on-campus nail technician certificate programs. Nail technician training is specialized and career-focused, so these programs do not typically count towards an associate's degree. If you want to obtain your associate's degree rather than a certificate, you'll likely want to pursue a cosmetology program rather than a nail technician program. Cosmetology programs cover manicuring, pedicuring and other nail-related topics, along with coursework related to hair and facial care.

What Is a Nail Technician Program Like?

Often, a nail technician certificate program takes a semester to complete, with about 350 hours spent in the classroom. Not only will you learn how to perform manicures and pedicures, but you'll also gain knowledge in nail diseases and nail care. Many programs also teach you skills that can help you open and run your own salon. You'll cover marketing and advertising, ethical business practices, sales strategies and how to build and maintain a client base.

Are Any Online Options Available?

Once you earn a certificate or degree, you may be able to find some online nail art tutorials beneficial. While they can't qualify you for licensure as a nail technician, these resources can teach you the finer points of creating exotic nail art using decals, gems, paint, glitter and even stencils. Through videos and text, you can learn about paints and other embellishments and the techniques used to create artistic nail designs.