Paying Attention in Home Ec Can Save Students Money

Although some might assume that the traditional skills of home economics are gender-based, in today's world saving money is a human issue that might be in danger of becoming a lost art. Turn that trend around with some of these home ec tips. Schools offering Fashion Design & Merchandising degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

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How Can Home Ec Save Money?

Now that women are encouraged to select careers for themselves instead of automatically defaulting to the homemaker track, some people think home economics is a useless subject. You don't need to learn how to keep house, right? Well, the skills you learn in home ec can actually be very valuable, and might end up helping you save quite a bit of money.

If you give home ec a chance, you will learn some interesting skills that you might not be able to learn anywhere else. Whether it's using a sewing machine, doing laundry, making a budget or learning basic kitchen skills, you're going to be gaining practical knowledge that will carry you through life.

Of course, you don't have to learn how to do any of that stuff. You can always pay someone else to clean your clothes, live without a budget, subsist on takeout and buy all of your clothes and home decor pre-made. But the fact is that paying other people to do stuff for you is always more expensive. Here are some task-specific arguments in favor of home ec.


Going to a wash-n-fold or taking everything to the dry cleaner is going to add up. But doing laundry for yourself isn't exactly cheap, either. Whether you live in a house with a washer and dryer, or you have to pay for each load, you're going to be paying for the water and other utilities necessary to power a washing machine. Plus, you're going to have to buy detergent and other stuff to get your clothes clean. So how can home ec help?

Well, it turns out that there are some tricks and tips that you can follow when it comes to doing laundry. Your home ec teacher might advise you on the best way to get multiple loads of laundry washed efficiently. He or she might teach you that using cold water and a low-heat dyer cycle is a good idea not only because it uses less energy, but also because it will help extend the longevity of your clothes. It turns out that doing laundry isn't as simple as you thought, and knowing the best way to get it done will save you money in several areas.


Sewing is lame, right? Wrong! Any seaworthy sailor can tell you that sewing is one of the manliest activities out there. While it can mean life-or-death on the high seas, you're probably not going to be scrambling to repair any sails anytime soon. So what can learning to sew do for you?

Well, if you ever have to get your pants hemmed, learning how to do this one simple task is money back in your pocket. And if you have the desire to spruce up your Spartan dorm room or student apartment, you can save yourself a lot of dough by making your own throw pillows and curtains. It's amazing how much cheaper it is to do-it-yourself with sewing projects.


Budgeting is a leftover of home ec's previous mission of training housewives to do their jobs, but it's something that we can all learn from. This practical skill is something that our debt-strained nation could certainly benefit from, but funnily enough, it's not likely to be taught in any other subject. Learning how to factor in all the costs of living independently might not seem like a difficult thing to do, but unexpected things creep up all the time. It's better to be prepared than to find yourself spiraling out of financial control.

Video games are another way you can learn things in a medium you might not expect.

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