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Physics OpenCourseWare University Rankings

OpenCourseWare has made it possible for everyone to study physics for free at the top universities in the world. Here are the best places to find physics OpenCourseWare online.

#1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT's OpenCourseWare site should be the first stop for self-learners looking for free physics courses. There are more than 50 full-length courses available. Most include lectures, assignments, readings, labs and much more.

#2 UC Berkeley

The University of California at Berkeley provides nearly 20 free physics courses and more than 20 free physics lectures to self-learners around the world. Courses and lectures can be viewed as videos or downloaded as audio files. New webcasts are added each semester.

#3 Tufts University

Like MIT, Tufts University has an excellent OpenCourseWare program. The University only offers several physics courses at this time. These courses include intro to modern physics, quantum physics, and wave functions. Each free physics course includes lectures, readings, assignments, and other educational materials.

#4 Carnegie Mellon University

The renowned Andes Physics course from Carnegie Mellon University is now available online through the school's Open Learning Initiative. The 27-module introductory course offers more than 500 physics questions suitable for college students.

#5 Utah State University

The USU Physics Department offers a fantastic physics course with an emphasis on quantum mechanics. The course includes readings, lecture notes, and homework assignments. Anyone who completes the course will have a working knowledge of quantum mechanics and the ability to explain the topic to others.