Student Saver Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Groups

If you're stumped about what to get friends and co-workers for the holiday season, we've listed a few ideas to buy or make things as gifts for groups. Candy canes and jelly bean bags are just some of the ideas for you to consider.


Holiday Gift Guide for Groups

It's not so hard to find gifts for family and significant others, but what about the rest of your friends? What about co-workers or classmates? Getting gifts for that many people isn't easy and it certainly isn't cheap! You still have a few options though, and it's cheaper than you might think. Here are a few gifts you can get or make in mass for cheap that will still help you spread the holiday spirit around to everyone.

Candy Canes

This is a classic and surprisingly inexpensive gift. Go out and buy a bulk pack of candy canes, either mint or fruit flavored. The cost probably won't run you more than ten dollars, depending on how many you want to buy, and this option will give you gifts for plenty of your friends. Then, buy a spool of thick ribbon. Tie the ribbon around the stick and write the person's name on the bow. It's that simple. You can add a little paper card with the name on it if you like. You can also omit the name altogether and just hand out the candy canes with bows as you see fit.

Jelly Bean Bags

Buy a large bag of jelly beans and about a yard or two of fabric in festive colors. Put a handful of jelly beans into small pieces of the cloth and tie at the top with ribbon to make little sacks of jelly beans. You can write the person's name on the sacks or on little tags. Any candy will work for this, not just jelly beans, and you can even tailor which candy you give to which friends if you know their preferences.

Bath Salt Pouches

These are better for lady friends, but still very thoughtful and fun for everyone. Buy a large jar of inexpensive bath salts and then find a semi-porous fabric. You can either stitch little packets if you're the sewing type, or just tie the salts into the little bags with ribbon at the top. Make sure you choose something without strong scents or oils that people might be allergic to. Try to make sure that you use cheerful scents or colors to remind people that it is, in fact, the holiday season.


Who doesn't love a good cupcake? Just look up your favorite recipe and then garnish the cupcakes with holiday-themed paper cups, frosting and sprinkles. In this case, no ribbons, wrapping or names are required. Simply go dorm room to dorm room or from person to person until everyone has received a cupcake. Make sure to save at least one for yourself because it's hard to keep your hands off sweets when you've been watching everyone else get one.


Sometimes words are enough to express how you really feel about your friends. Pick out a bulk pack of holiday cards and then just write a short note to each of your friends, co-workers or teachers. You can draw a little picture too or include a pressed flower if you really like, but all you honestly need is some heartfelt words in a well-crafted note or poem. Whoever you give it to will appreciate the thoughtfulness.

Fortune Cookies

This is a particularly clever and fun one. Look up a basic recipe for fortune cookies online. You can add a drop of red or green food coloring to make it look more festive. Then write out little notes or special fortunes to specific people and put them into the cookies. Your friends will be amused and the fun of opening the cookies will make just about anyone smile. Note: make sure you put the paper in after the cookie is baked, not before.


This is possibly the simplest and cheapest gift you can make. Just get thick colored paper, punch a hole in the top and put nice string or yarn in a loop through it. Then decorate the bookmark any way you like to suit each person you are going to give it to. You can keep it simple or get intricate with your design, even cutting out the paper into interesting shapes like animals or snowflakes. It may take a little time, but it won't take more than a few dollars of your money.

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