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The Student Savers blog offers advice for individuals who are considering financial aid for college. Some topics include the FAFSA application, which college offers the best financial aid packages, and more. Schools offering Finance degrees can also be found in these popular choices.


Tips for Financial Aid

For college students who're strapped for cash, few topics weigh more heavily than financial aid.

Fortunately, our Student Saver blog articles can help you manage your college finances. But with constant updates and daily posts, you may have missed some of our important tips. Check out the following pieces that introduce you to, teach you about and walk you through the financial aid process.

1. Don't Leave Your Student Financial Aid Unclaimed

Many students choose to ignore financial aid because the application requires too much work. See how you might be missing out on financial aid at your college and find out how many students fail to apply. Are you one of them? Why shouldn't you neglect this great opportunity?

2. What All College Students Need to Know About the FAFSA

If you're planning on filing your FAFSA application (hopefully you are!), there are things you should know about it. These are common tips that many first-time applicants are not aware of. Make sure to read these over, and keep them in mind through the entire financial aid process.

3. Which Colleges Offer the Best Financial Aid Packages?

Now that you understand the financial aid system, discover which colleges offer the best packages. This is not a listing, but a post about what type of colleges can be made affordable because of financial aid.

4. How College Students Can Find the Perfect On-Campus Job

Work study is one of the forgotten forms of financial aid. Don't be an ill-informed student - check out this post to find a job that fits your interests.

5. Make the Most of Your Work Study Position

While work study money may seem free, it's still a job, and you must treat it as one. This blog explains the importance of using your position responsibly. Using your job as a learning experience could lead to gaining new skills and networking opportunities.

6. 20 Scholarships for Studying Abroad

When you're considering studying abroad you'll need to allocate financial resources to pay for room, board, tuition and any other incidental purchases. These scholarships are specifically offered to students who will be studying internationally. Don't waste the chance to pay for your education - check out these awards!

7. 5 Strange Scholarships That Could Help You Pay for College

We're all a little weird. Why not cash in on some of that with one of these strange scholarships which are built around weird projects or skills? Find out how calling fowl nude or using duct tape can earn you some money for school with this piece.

8. Where Can I Find Scholarships for Single Moms?

Everyone needs a little help with college, and single parents often struggle the most. After finally making the decision to return to school, you'll likely need to find ways to pay for it (kids eat up a lot of cash). This blog provides popular scholarships for mothers without spouses. Student Saver also put a similar blog out for single parents.

9. Need Money for School? Get Sponsored!

You'd be surprised where money can come from. Many companies now pay for students' college education just for wearing and using their brands. Find out more in this post!

10. Should You Consolidate Your Student Loans?

Often times, you'll find financial aid packages include loans from more than one financial institution. Being a borrower, you'll have the opportunity to consolidate all of your loans into a single debt with one bank. If you're on the fence about whether this is for you, this blog will give you the major reasons why you could benefit from a consolidation.

Don't have enough information about financial aid? Now have the financial aid package explained to you.

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