Surprising Places That Offer Student Discounts

You might be surprised to know that many stores and places offer special discounts for students. All you need to do is have your student ID handy. Here are some places that offer these discounts.


Places Offering Student Discounts

You may be used to handing over your student ID to get discounts around campus or at your local movie theater. But did you know you can do it elsewhere? Your status as a student can get you money off in places that are both interesting and useful. Some are places you'd never even expect.

Ripley's Believe It or Not Museums

Believe it or not, these discounts are great. These museums are large collections of oddities and interests that tend to set up shop near many major vacation destinations. Perhaps you can visit on your next spring or summer break? You can buy tickets online for a discount, and you can get a similar discount in person just by flashing a student ID. If you're near one, they make for great first date places and are just a fun time overall.

Ski Resorts

Ski resort discounts can range from money off hotel rooms to very cheap lift tickets. Each resort is different, but most do have some deals for students, even if it's only for a few days per year. The catch is that most don't advertise it. Call ahead and check if and when student discounts are offered rather than just visiting on a whim.

Car Insurance Companies

Students don't tend to be perfect drivers, so you might think they'd pay higher car insurance rates. That's not always the case. You can check around to see who will give you the best rate, and be sure to mention that you're a student when you do. You'll be surprised at how much money they might take off. If you're near graduation, check to see if you can get better rates by telling people that you'll soon be a part of an alumni organization. Those get great discounts too.

State Fairs

While they only happen once a year, state fairs are still a fun and cheap thrill for people of all ages. They can be even cheaper if you show your student ID. Some have particular student days when all prices are lower just to benefit local students, so check fair websites for which days are best. Sometimes the discounts don't show up until you're in the fair, in the way of cheaper ride or show tickets.

Barber Shops

Everyone gets haircuts eventually, and it helps not to be doing it yourself in your dorm room. Not all the little mom and pop shops have these discounts, but the bigger chains tend to. Check online for discounts on haircuts at Supercuts, Walmart or similar places. They sometimes have special days when students can come in, but some also will just take a few bucks off if you tell them you're a student and prove it with ID.

Waffle House

Though fattening, this delicious restaurant is good for local students up at strange hours of the night. Every so often, Waffle House will hold a special breakfast that is either free or discounted for students. It tends to be an early morning event (or a late night one, depending on when you go to sleep), so check to see when it's happening near you. For West Coast students who have no access to these places, you'll just have to make do without waffles.


Goodwill is known as a place to get discounted clothes and furniture, but it can be even better if you're a student. Not all branches offer discounts when you show a student ID, but the bigger stores often do. There are also days of the week when showing your ID can get you money off on particular sections of the store or on certain items. Call around to different locations near you, because every Goodwill handles this a little differently.

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