Tech Tricks to Being a Better Student: Useful Tools

In this edition of tech tricks to being a better student, we discuss useful tools on the Internet to make learning and studying much more fun and informative. Invigorate your sense of the world with these useful resources.

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How To Use Online Academic Tools

There's a lot of stuff on the Internet, and not all of it has been verified for accuracy. So how do you know if you've come across an online tool that is appropriate for academic use? One easy way is to use links from your school, department or library's website. If you decide to branch out, there are a few checks you can run. First, make sure you can tell who's responsible for the content on a website. If it's a reputable group or organization, like a college or university, government agency or well-regarded professional organization, chances are pretty high that the information on that site is good. If the authorship attribution is a little less specific, check with your professor.

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The Tools

This is not an exhaustive list of online academic tools. There are just too many to cover in one article. This is a short list of reputable tools that appeal to a broad range of academic disciplines, from research science to the humanities.


As I mentioned in the database article, JSTOR is a popular and highly reputable academic database. JSTOR has entries in disciplines ranging from zoology to mathematics and library science to African studies. If you're looking for an article from an academic journal, or need some other source that can be cited for a paper or another assignment, JSTOR is a great place to start. Chances are, your school pays for a subscription to this database. If not, you should ask a librarian or professor about purchasing one.

Encyclopedia Britannica

This encyclopedia is now an internationally renowned resource for libraries and universities. With their current digital format -- also available on your cell phone or any mobile device -- students can search through numerous topics and subjects. The website even offers published articles, in addition to a video library with discussions on the Titanic, Samuel Langhorne Clemens, your brain, the double helix, and much more.

The Library of Congress

The Library of Congress website is a fantastic resource. You can find archived documents of all kinds there, including old maps, photographs and government documents. It has resources for a wide range of disciplines and has an extensive catalog of publications. If you can't find a book in the Library of Congress' digital card catalog, it probably doesn't exist.

Previously, the Techie talked about effective searching, shortcuts in MS Office and using databases. We'll be covering more topics in education technology, so come back for more articles from the Techie!

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