A Surprising Product That Can Help Students Save Money

Students, is your laundry hamper stinky? Got bad morning breath? That athlete's foot bugging you? There's one low priced product that can help clean up all these problems, and you might never guess what it is!


A Surprising Cleaning Tool

Let's face it; college isn't always the cleanest time. Mom's not there to do your laundry or vacuum, it costs you money to get cleaning supplies and you might never have had to deal with cuts or infections on your own before. But fear not - there is a handy and unexpected tool that can help you with all these problems for one low price.

Surprisingly, it's vodka! And no, you don't even have to drink it.

While people who have booze on their breath can smell pretty rotten, vodka is actually quite a wonder-cure for that which reeks. If you are in college and are not the tidiest person, or a bit of a procrastinator on your laundry, a small spray bottle filled with half cheap unflavored vodka and half water is a tool you should never be without. If something in your room stinks, be it your carpet, garbage can or laundry basket, simply spray it a few times with the mixture and you are going to notice a difference. The alcohol content is high in vodka, a minimum of 37.5%, and because of this can kill odor-causing bacteria and fungi. The smell will go away, and if you really feel a need for extra coverage, crushing up a few flower petals into the spray bottle can give off a nice floral scent.

A Substitute Mouthwash

Along the same vein, vodka can also get rid of morning or garlic breath. Have you ever checked the back of a bottle of mouthwash to see the ingredients? It nearly always contains alcohol! The alcohol kills bacteria that live in your mouth and between your teeth, keeping your gums healthy, but also making sure that when you breathe out, the odors from those bacteria are not there. Vodka can do this just as well. Add a pinch of cinnamon to some vodka, or a crushed mint leaf, swish it around your mouth and you'll have clean, fresh smelling breath without needing to chew gum or avoid stinky foods.

Remember, just the same as mouthwash, don't swallow it. No sense in going to class tipsy, fresh breath or not.

The Many Other Uses of Vodka

Possibly the most impressive use of vodka is its ability to kill infections. Alcohol wipes hurt when you put them on a cut and, it's true, vodka will as well. But it also accomplishes the same goal. Dabbing a bit of vodka on a cut, or even soaking your athlete's foot in vodka can help kill infections and prevent new ones from forming. It's no replacement for going to the health center for serious problems, and if something is turning green or swelling up, then vodka is probably not what you need. But for small cuts, rashes, fungal infections and even acne, a little vodka can be a supplement or replacement for more commonly used health products, usually at a fraction of the price.

These are only a few uses for vodka. It can also be used for cleaning glass or your computer screen, deodorizing your sports gear, getting stains out of clothes and it even repels insects! You can find it in bulk at around ten dollars a bottle, which is cheaper than all the other supplies you'd need for these problems when you add up the costs. It's a marvelous tool for any college student, and you may find you use it even after your college career.

Still, it should probably be noted that if you are under the age of 21 you should not have vodka in your room for any reason. RAs might not understand that the vodka is really an amazing tool, not just a drink, and you could land in a more awkward situation than smelly breath or stinky laundry would cause.

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