The Unexpected Benefits of Being a Lazy Student

Although it may seem slightly tongue-in-cheek, there are a few unexpected benefits of being a lazy student. Take your time. Put it off. Keep your mind on the goal. Alas, let's dive in and find out what we mean, shall we?

how to make a life easier for a student

The Benefits of Being a Lazy Student

Stress is one of the worst things you can do to your body. And while stress often happens because you procrastinate, sometimes being a lazy student can provide unexpected benefits. The following are just a few of the ways that not doing anything can actually be a good thing.

Travel Expenses

If you're ready to go on spring break or want to head home for the summer, waiting until the last day of classes to book your trip could be rewarding. Many airlines offer last-minute specials to fill empty seats. As long as you're flexible about flight times and destinations, you could get a very inexpensive flight just for procrastinating.

Stock Up at Once

It may take some planning (which isn't lazy), but you should plan out meals for the entire week. While this isn't necessary for students who live on campus, if you have your own apartment, one trip to the store can save you money and time. Don't get the ingredients the day you plan to make a meal. These extra trips cost a lot of effort and can cause you to make impulse purchases - especially if you're hungry when you go!

Daily Deals

Whether it's a night off campus or a haircut, keep an eye on deal sites such as and Deals for products or services you need could pop up at any time on one of these savings websites. You can check for local deals by plugging in your zip code or just sign up and daily deals will be sent to your e-mail. Signing up makes it easier to be lazy!

Staying In

Sure, everyone loves to get off campus now and then, but it also requires the effort of getting dressed. Who needs that? By staying in for the weekend, you'll save all the money you would've spent on a movie, dinner, drinks and gas. If you live on campus, it's easy to get a group of people together to watch a rented movie on the communal TV and heat up some popcorn. With a few friends, this hermit night could turn into a great time.

Save Gas

It's easy to save gas when you're lazy. First, don't go out (see above). But secondly, combine all of your trips and errands into one simple trip. This way, you won't run around during the week or make special trips. Consider shopping at a superstore (like Walmart or Target) where all of the items you'll need are at the same place and sold at a low price. This prevents you from wasting time and money by going to multiple stores. You can also save on expenses by being too lazy to drive - see if a friend is carpooling.

Thirst Quenching

Bottled water is believed to be a convenient way to get your daily water intake, but it's not really fit for a lazy person. Cases can be heavy and need to be bought weekly. Not only does this waste money, but it also requires you to go out and get it!

Stay lazy and buy yourself a pitcher with a filter. You won't need to buy filters often, only once every two months or so, and you won't need to lift the heavy cases. If you buy the Filtrete Water Station, you won't even have to fill the reusable water bottles yourself. It does the work for you, just fill in the reservoir and as it filters, it fills up four reusable water bottles.

Be Less Hygienic

It may sound disgusting, but cutting back on hygienic practices can save you money. This isn't an endorsement for not brushing your teeth or putting on deodorant, but it won't hurt to skip a shower now and then. You'll save on soap, shampoo and shaving cream. If you rent, you could save on your heating or water bills.

You can also remain lazy and save money on laundry. Wait until you have a full load before washing your clothes. Not only will you save on utilities, but you'll also save detergent and fabric sheets. If you're on campus, you'll save on quarters.

If you're not slothful and you enjoy keeping busy it could help you earn money. Find out how your hobby could turn into a job!

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