Think You Can't Afford to Study Abroad? Think Again!

Studying abroad is a popular choice among college students. Although it might seem like an unaffordable luxury to some, we've offered some tips to the contrary.

Studying Abroad on a Budget

Studying abroad has become common in recent years. The call of far away lands where you can learn, party and sight-see is pretty irresistible to a student. Don't let money be the only thing holding you back! There are still ways, even if you're the poorest student, to study abroad during your college career.

The most popular places people go can seem to cost a fortune and your bank account isn't exactly well padded. However, there are ways around the high costs. You may have to make some changes to your travel plans, but if you are set and determined to study abroad, then these tips might help you on your way.

Study in North America

Now, that doesn't sound too glamorous compared to France or Italy, but consider the kind of places that are technically part of North America. There's Hawaii, Costa Rica, Belize, Alaska and many more places far away from what you're used to. You can still get a full change of scenery and even find an exotic location by choosing the right program. Also, don't underestimate places like Canada or Mexico. Although these seem rather ho-hum, there are still places in both of these countries that you can visit which are both interesting and exciting.

Get a Scholarship

Already have a scholarship? You can still apply for another! And this time, you can start looking for ones especially for students who want to study abroad. Certain colleges may offer scholarship options if you go to study in a specific place or if you have a specific major. For example, if you are an art major there may be a specific scholarship for you if you choose to go study at an art institute in Italy. Of course, one of the best ways to convince people to give you money for studying abroad is to have a great GPA. So make sure all your grades are up to snuff before you apply for a scholarship.

Use Your School Tuition

Not every school offers this, but if you can get it ,then studying abroad won't cost you any extra money. Many colleges have a sister school abroad or another school with whom they have a special arrangement for student exchange. While this limits the location you can study at to one or two, it is probably your smartest financial option. Talk to your college and ask if they have any special associations that allow you to study at a different school on your current tuition plan.

Look Into Special Programs

In college, you sometimes have the option of work-study. When you study abroad this can also be an option. There are programs out there that will allow you to study abroad while working as a teacher or interning in your particular field in order to offset your costs. Look into these different programs and see if there are any in the area you'd like to go to. If you don't mind going to a more impoverished area, you can sign up with a group that builds houses or helps build communities in poorer areas. Some of these programs might even be funded by your college, which could give you a leg up in receiving financial consideration when you apply.

Study Abroad for a Shorter Time

It may not be the most appealing option, but if all else fails it might be your best bet. Some colleges and programs offer a special 1-month option or even just a several week option for your studies. That can still be enough time to sight-see, party and learn interesting new things. Plus, it won't cost as much as a full semester or year. The other upside is that if you show up and find that this location is really not the place for you, then you only have to wait a short while before you can come home again.

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