Using Technology to Keep in Touch While Away at School

When students are away at school, it's important to keep in touch with friends and family back home. Although it can be difficult to call everyone on your contact list, using technology can make it easier to reach everyone. Schools offering Information Technology degrees can also be found in these popular choices.


Making Communicating Easier

Whether you're away at college or a boarding school, your parents are going to want to hear from you on a regular basis to make sure you're doing well. Then, of course, there will be the list of friends who expect constant updates about what your new life is like.

Factors like lack of time or even being in a different time zone can make it difficult to reach people. By taking advantage of the technology you already like to use, you can either touch base with someone quickly in-between classes or have longer conversations when you have more time to spare. Here are some ways to keep the lines of communication open.


If you have a cell phone, there's probably a good chance that you can text. This could be the ideal way to stay connected to your friends. If you get to classes with a few minutes to spare, you can pull out your phone to send a quick text to just say hi or wish a friend a happy birthday. You might even be able to get your parents used to texting so during a busy week you could at least send them a test message to let them know you're okay.


If you have more to say than will fit in a text message, there's always e-mail, whether you're using your school account, personal account or an e-mail system offered through a social networking site. This is another form of communication that usually isn't too time-consuming. You can log in and send out e-mails, and the recipients can read the messages when they have free time.

Instant Messaging

While you're on the computer, you can log into your preferred form of instant messaging to make yourself available to chat with others. Particularly if you're fooling around just playing computer games, this could be a good time to catch up with some friends or family. However, if you're on the computer because you have to finish a homework assignment, study for a test or do research for a paper, you might want to skip signing on so you don't have too many distractions.

Video Chat

Your parents might become big fans of talking to you through video chat, mainly because it gives them a chance to actually see you and have visual proof that you're in one piece. You just need to find a place where you'll have some privacy and a computer with a webcam. It will take longer to converse through video chat than if you're sending a text or IM, but it's a great way to have meaningful conversations with others.

Hands Free Cell Phone Devices

If you like multi-tasking, a hands free cell phone device could make it easier for you to fit in phone calls. Using something like a Bluetooth headset could help you talk on the phone while you're driving to class, making dinner or folding your laundry, enabling you to fit in more phone conversations throughout your busy week.

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