Ways Students Can Have Inexpensive Fun During Winter Vacation

Now that winter break is here, you may want to find ways to have fun. But after buying those Christmas gifts for everyone and putting money aside for books next semester, you might not have much cash left to work with. Never fear! There are many ways to have fun without completely emptying your wallet. Read on to see what options are open to you as a poor student.

movie night

Movie Nights

Who better to have fun with than your friends? Unfortunately some of you might not have the dough to actually go out to see a movie. That's ok though, because nowadays there are things like Netflix, DVDs and even the Internet to give you a variety of movies you can watch at home. Round up your friends for a movie night in with snacks, drinks and lots of laughter. You may also want to check to see if there is a dollar movie theater in your area or a special deal for students that you can take advantage of. If the prices are right, you may just be able to have your movie night out after all.

Local Holiday Lights

Christmas lights aren't just for decorating houses anymore. Many places set up special driving areas where there are moving light displays or special lighting ceremonies. These can be very low cost or sometimes even free. If you can't find any of those in your area, consider just getting in the car with friends or family and going on a light hunt. In the spirit of Christmas some streets seem to compete for which house has the most extensive light display. That can result in some spectacular streets if you can just find them. You can always try to foster this attitude on your own street and see how bright and Christmassy you can make your house as well.


It's an old fashioned pastime but it should not be overlooked as a good way to have fun. Gather friends or family and pick out a few holiday songs that everyone knows. Dress festively and go door to door in your neighborhood, stopping in each yard to sing a song or two. It may sound silly but you will be surprised at the kinds of reactions you will get. Some people are thrilled to bring the family out onto their porch to listen to some holiday music, and will be surprised that caroling still occurs in this modern world. Sometimes they may even offer you cookies, gifts or if nothing else some merry Christmas wishes.


Remember when you were little and snow days meant a day of snowball fights, sledding and holiday fun? Who says it has to stop just because you've gotten a little older? Grab a sled if you have one, or find a makeshift one out of a cookie tray or pool toy, and go out in search of the biggest hill you can find. Call some friends over and wage epic snow war against each other by building forts and pelting each other with snowballs. Find some of your favorite juice or even alcoholic beverages and experiment with new types of snow cones. The possibilities of snow are nearly endless if you're willing to get a little creative.

Visiting with Family

Sometimes visiting with family can be a real drag, but it doesn't always have to be. Maybe you have a cool cousin you'd like to hang out with or an aunt who works someplace particularly interesting. Call up a close-by relative and spend a little time with them just catching up. They'll likely be happy to chat if they're not busy and find out what college has been like for you. Because your family knows you're a student, which means you're probably short on cash, you may find that they're willing to pay for lunch or a trip to the movies. Just be sure to remember them well in your Christmas gift list if they do.

Check the News for Special Events

When you honestly can't think of a single thing to do to pass the time, don't be afraid to turn to the newspaper or Internet for help. Many areas have special free or cheap holiday events going on around this time of year, and will have tried to promote them in some way or another. Maybe there's a Christmas play, a festival or something else fun going on right at this moment. Your local newspaper will likely have a small section dedicated to upcoming events and a quick Google search of events in your hometown is likely to yield helpful results. Even if you don't find anything happening right now, you'll probably be able to find something to plan for in the near future.

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