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What Is the Job Description of an Interior Design Technician?

Are you interested in interior design? Would you like to be responsible for drafting plans and obtaining permits? If so, a career as an interior design technician might be a good fit for you. Your job duties may include completing paperwork and directing construction.

Occupation Overview

Interior design technicians assist interior designers in planning and drafting plans. In this position, you may work under the direction of the lead designer to consult with clients about their requirements and decide upon a design. You'll need to understand basic design principles and qualities of materials so that you can accommodate your client's needs and preferences. You'll also consider ergonomic factors, especially when designing for the elderly.

Although you may participate in designing, you'll be largely responsible for the legal and technical side of the process. You'll research building codes and obtain all the necessary permits. Once you have completed the research and the lead designer has sketched a plan, you'll draft the layout. When the construction has begun, you may oversee the work. You might even coordinate crews, making sure that they are following the plans and adhering to codes.

Important Facts About Interior Design Technicians

Licensure Requires differ per state; 'interior designer' distinction attainable through the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ)
Key Skills Computer competency, mathematical foundation, problem-solving, critical and analytical thinking, reading comprehension, time management, excellent judgment, and decision making
Work Environment Typically traditional office hours, but certain projects may necessitate working nights and/or weekends
Similar Occupations Architects; civil engineers; design architects; interior designers; project engineers; electrical engineers

Required Skills

You'll need proficiency in using computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) programs as well as drafting technical layouts by hand. You should know basic architectural engineering. You also must be familiar with and know how to find building codes and zoning laws in your area.


Some design companies specialize in either residential or commercial design. In commercial design, you'll consider individual spaces as well as the area as a whole. Concerns you may address include accessibility and space management. Local government offices sometimes staff their own design technicians to assist their renovation projects.

Within the residential design, you may focus on specific rooms, such as bathrooms and kitchens. Sometimes middle-aged couples wish to redesign their kitchens to accommodate a single couple instead of a family. Elderly people may need a more accessible bathroom. Others want to conserve more water or energy.

Many independent firms have committed themselves to design and implement only environmentally sustainable projects. Concerns you may address include healthful building techniques for those with allergy and asthma problems. You'll also integrate other 'green building' strategies, which consider water consumption, material choice, and energy efficiency.

Besides independent design firms, you might work for a furniture store. You'll set up floor displays, aid customers in their decisions and possibly even visit their homes. You'll use only your company's products in your clients' remodeling projects.

Salary Info and Job Outlook

Although the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS, www.bls.gov) does not provide information specific to the field of interior design technology, the BLS did a project that the employment of interior designers will likely grow by about 4% between 2016 and 2026. These professionals earned an annual median salary of $53,370, per BLS.