What Makes a Good College Student?

Find out how you can succeed in college. Certain academic attributes you should aim for include staying organized and focused. Social attributes for being a good college student include reaching out to classmates and getting out of your comfort zone. Keep reading for more tips about college.

How to Be Academically Successful in College

Academic and social success in college requires hard work, patience, persistence and dedication. Even if you were a straight 'A' student in high school, you may find yourself struggling when facing the academic challenges of college. To help you achieve your full academic potential, here are a few key survival skills.

Get Organized

Getting organized is key to staying on top of a college-level workload. Keep two calendars: one for your class schedule, appointments and other engagements; and one for all of your assignment deadlines. When tackling assignments like term papers or problem sets, make sure to plan well in advance. Break down projects into manageable chunks, setting yourself goals along the way.

Work Hard and Focus

College-level assignments can be difficult, but by challenging yourself and working hard, you may find that you learn more and earn better grades. Always complete your homework and class readings on time. Avoid waiting until the last minute for important deadlines.

It's essential to stay focused on your academic goals. This means attending class regularly and on time, paying attention to your instructors and tracking your academic progress. As you determine your major, you also need to pay attention to specific graduation requirements. Furthermore, as you start to develop career or graduate education aspirations, make sure to consider what courses and activities will best help you achieve your goals after graduation.

Ask for Help

Never be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Make sure you know all of your professors' office hours and take advantage of these opportunities to ask questions if you find yourself falling behind. Many schools also offer tutoring centers for homework help or additional assistance in specific subject areas.

How to Be Socially Successful in College

Your top priority in college is your academic study; however, social interactions are also an important part of your life at a college or university. To make the most of this aspect of your college experience, read the following suggestions.

Reach Out to Your Classmates

If you live in a dorm, take advantage of its built-in social group to make new friends. Participate in dorm activities and spend time studying or hanging out in the common areas.

If you live off-campus, it may take extra effort to meet other students. You can start by striking up conversations before or after class and using social networking websites to reach out to other students.

Get Involved

Get out there and experience campus life. In college, it can be easy for shy students to become just another face in the crowd, particularly at big universities. Making an effort to break out of your comfort zone occasionally may help you meet new people and discover new interests. This may include joining a student club, fraternity or sorority, participating in extracurricular activities, volunteering with community service organizations or simply attending regular campus events like musical performances or film screenings. You may also try checking out parties outside of your usual social group.

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