What Skills Will I Learn From an Online College Algebra Course?

Students who enroll in online algebra classes may learn a variety of skills. Read on to learn more about some of these skills, which include algebraic operations, equations and inequalities, functions and number systems and operations. Schools offering Mathematics degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

Course Overview

According to the College Board website, www.collegeboard.com, algebra students might gain an understanding of related vocabulary as well as common algebraic symbols and their meanings. Below are brief descriptions of four areas in which students might acquire knowledge:

  • Algebraic operations
  • Equations and inequalities
  • Functions
  • Number systems and operations

Important Facts About This Field of Study

Common Courses Basic Structures of Mathematics, Precalculus, Matrix Algebra, Linear Algebra
Degrees Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Medicine, Business
Possible Careers Market Research Analyst, Animator, Industrial Engineer, Physicists and Astronomers
Work Environment People who use algebra work in the federal government, research companies, corporate environments, and

Source: Global Post, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and Work Chron

Algebraic Operations

The most common and basic algebraic equations are covered in algebra courses. These include logarithms, expanding and factoring polynomials, operations with algebraic expressions and operations with exponents. Learning how to solve these common algebraic equations is considered a fundamental skill.

Number Systems and Operations

Algebra uses several number sets as well as operations to manipulate these numbers. The most common topics may focus on complex and real numbers, determinants of 2 by 2 matrices, and series and sequences.


Learning how to solve functions is a key skill in algebra. Some topics of study may include inverse functions, domain and range, the properties of graphs and graphical, symbolic and numerical representations of functions.

Equations and Inequalities

Equations and inequalities are used quite often in algebraic expressions and students are expected to understand and solve them. Some of the different types of equations and inequalities include logarithmic and exponential equations, linear equations and inequalities, quadratic equations and inequalities and systems of inequalities and equations.

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