What To Ask for in a Care Package

In this article, we've listed a few ideas for you in case you're wondering what there is to be included in a care package. Some products include peanut butter, Crystal Light, filtered water bottles, and more.

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What Should Come In Your Care Package?

When you're away from home, there is nothing more exciting than getting mail. A chill of anticipation runs up your spine when you open your mail box and see a slip that says you have a package. A care package from your parents not only puts a smile on your face, it can save you money by supplementing items you'd have to buy. The following are some items you may want to ask your parents to send you in your next care package.

1. Peanut Butter

The commercial is right; peanut butter can be one of the best things to get in the mail. Peanut butter is full of protein and extremely versatile. Besides PB-and-jelly sandwiches, you can add honey or bananas to your peanut butter and bread. Add it to cookie batter, spread it on crackers, put it on warm toast, mix it in with rice crispy treats or melt it over your next dish of ice cream. Plus, it doesn't need refrigeration, so you can stick it anywhere in your room!

2. Crystal Light

Along with other juice mixes, Crystal Light can make large batches of flavored water. Generic brands are now available at lower costs and there are many flavors, from apple to peach iced tea. Crystal Light is sugar free (unlike some fruit punch mixes) and fat free. With only a handful of calories per glass, this is a great way for you to stay hydrated during exam time.

3. Filtered Water Bottle and Filters

You may have noticed how difficult it is to get out to the grocery store to buy cases of water. And if you have a small fridge that you share with your roommate, a large filtered water pitcher may not be an option. Ask your parents to send you one of the new reusable water bottles by Britta or Bobble that have the filter attached to the mouth piece. This way, you can fill your bottle with tap water and each sip will be freshly filtered. These are inexpensive and the filters cost the same as a case of water (but each one lasts 300 bottles).

4. Health Products

About half way through your year is when you begin getting homesick and feverish. It's about this time that a care package would be much appreciated - especially one full of health products. Tissues are typically light, so they'll be great for your parents to send. Cough drops, cough syrup and over the counter painkillers will help you make it through classes with a headache or stuffy nose.

5. Hygiene Products

One of the best things you can get from your parents is the hygiene products that you like to use. Whether you ask for soap, deodorant or toothpaste, this will greatly reduce the costs you need to figure into your budget. Plus, when you're on a shoestring, you'll likely opt for cheaper options or generic brands. Ask your mom or dad for the pricier brands that you like.

6. Quarters

Face it; you've been washing your underwear in the sink for a month now. Don't hesitate to ask your parents for a roll of quarters. They may prefer to send you a little cash because it's much lighter and won't hike up the cost of shipping. But, they may be willing to dig through their pockets and throw any loose quarters into the box as a last minute addition. Even a couple of bucks can get your clothes washed. And if you've been doing laundry often, you may have skipped doing your sheets because it's only an added cost. Splurge on clean sheets and curtains with your parents' money. It'll make a big difference to your mood.

7. Stamps

While you're not in prison and stamps won't act as currency, they are still valuable to college students. These extra little costs add up, especially when you want to send out Christmas cards, birthday cards or letters to family and friends. Ask your parents to pick up a book of 'forever' stamps; they're light and they'll stay good for the whole year.

8. Cleaning Supplies

To ward off infections, your dorm room should be cleaned regularly. Asking for cleaning supplies and air fresheners can clear your room of stale air, bacteria and viruses. You'll stay healthier and have your concentration improved with the fresh smell of a clean room.

9. Something Unique

Sometimes your parent needs a little help finding the right item to stick in a care package. While food and hygienic things are great, nothing makes you happier than getting a fun unexpected item. FairIvy.com offers surprise packages that can be ordered and sent directly to you from professional crafters. The items you could get range from hand-stitched bookmarks and leather-bound journals to homemade soaps and earrings made from colored pencils or felt. Whether you end up with a hand crafted purse or a one-of-a-kind mug, you'll be tickled with your item.

10. Plastic Bin

Your parents need to mail out your care packages in something. Why not ask them to put everything into a reusable bin and wrap it with brown paper for mailing? Storage bins are excellent for organizing and can be used for a number of things in a dorm room. Whether you want to stick dirty dishes in one, keep excess food or use it to soak your feet - there are always things you can do with them.

When your parents don't send you what you need, consider shopping at these places to save money.

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