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What Is the Course Curriculum of an Online Locksmith Program?

An online locksmith curriculum includes courses on basic lock-picking, automotive locksmithing, alarm systems, high-security locks, combination locks and lock hardware. Continue reading for more information.

Online Locksmith Program Overview

Online locksmith programs are fairly rare, with hands-on, on-campus alternatives being much more common. Online locksmith programs teach students the duties of a locksmith, the equipment and skills required and how to work as a professional locksmith. Some online programs mail printed materials in addition to online courses and lessons. Before explaining picking locks, most online programs discuss how locks work through online presentations, video, audio clips and comprehensive assignments.

Important Facts About Online Locksmith Programs

Degree Levels Certificates and diplomas are the most commonly available
Common Courses Modern Locks, Fitting Locks into Doors, Interchangeable Locks
Prerequisites Typically a high school diploma or GED
Possible Careers Available commonly in the investigations and security services industries, as well as in local government and education facilities

Basics of Locksmithing

Before learning how to pick locks, students must learn the functions of different types of locks and how they are assembled. An online program teaches students the common types of locks, the way keys function, the working parts of locking mechanisms and how to determine which tools are required for different locks. Students learn how to identify keys and locks, including combination locks, warded locks, tumbler locks, padlocks and home and business locks. Online programs can also include courses on making keys with machines and by hand. Some programs may also teach digital keys, such as those generated using electronic keypads.

Locksmithing Equipment and Processes

After introducing the basic of locks, online programs provide courses on locksmithing tools and processes. Most online courses outline the different tools available and the specific functions of each tool. Through online lessons, students learn to use drills, key-extractors, plug holders, shims, screwdrivers and related tools.

Students learn how to pick different types of locks by working with lockpicks and without keys. Online programs teach students to work on residential, business and automotive locks. Students also learn how to observe and analyze alarms and security systems. Courses can also include emergency locksmithing tactics that require advanced lockpicking techniques. Students work with electronic locks found on vaults, safes and related security devices. Online programs also provide students with an overview of home and business security concepts, allowing students to determine clients' potential security risks or hazards.

Professional Locksmith Opportunities

In addition to technical courses, most online locksmith programs include lessons on professional opportunities in locksmithing. Online courses discuss the professional and entrepreneurial opportunities for locksmiths, which can include working with existing locksmith businesses or starting their own company. Students learn how to find locksmith positions after program completion, and many courses provide small business resources for students looking to start a locksmith business. Courses discuss bookkeeping, licenses and required business qualifications, professional locksmith methods and legal information for practising locksmiths. Students learn how to offer locksmith services, choose service fees and determine industry competition.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), positions for locksmiths and safe repairers are expected to decrease between 2016 and 2026, declining by 3%. The BLS reports that the median annual salary for locksmiths and safe repairers was $41,450 as of May 2018, with most making between approximately $24,270 and $65,870.