Where Can I Find Free Resume Templates?

An effective resume should be well-structured and tailored to an employer or a career field. A template can provide you with the framework to put together an effective job resume. Read on for tips for finding free job resume templates.

Finding Free Job Resume Templates

There are many job resume templates available and easy to find. The Internet, college career centers, community job placement centers and state labor agencies are all good resources.

Important Facts About Resumes

Professional Considerations Work experience, education, foreign language skills, continuing education, professional certifications
Extracurricular/Elective Considerations Volunteer experience, personal interests, academic leadership opportunities (school club president, etc.)
Formats Chronological, functional, combination
Software Applications Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word document

The Internet

Searches on the Internet for things like 'resume templates,' 'free resume help' or 'resume formats' will turn up dozens of sites offering free job resume templates and sample resumes. Some templates are even geared towards specific occupations or industries, such as real estate or banking. Including job titles or occupational fields in a search can yield more tailored results.

College Career Centers

College resource and career centers, including those at community colleges and large universities, usually offer resume writing services. They might also provide sample resumes or templates. While these centers are intended to help students, some may provide help to non-students as well. Visit a school's website to find information about these centers, including their open hours and the services they provide. Look for links to career or student resources, or do a search for similar phrases on the site. Some schools might even offer resume templates or sample resumes on their site as part of their career support services; a search for 'resume templates' on a school's website may thus sometimes be useful.

Community Job Placement Centers or Employment Agencies

Community organizations that offer job placement services might provide free job resume templates. Local organizations, churches and even public libraries sometimes offer resume writing resources. Youth organizations, such as Youth Ready Chicago, provide resume templates for young adults entering the workforce for the first time. Employment agencies might also offer templates. An online search for such local resources may yield helpful results.

State and Local Agencies

Individual states' departments of labor or employment might provide job-seeker services, including resume templates. For example, the Illinois Department of Labor Security provides a resume writer though their Career Resource Network. New York's Department of Labor also offers online resume help in its job seekers section, as does the Arkansas Department of Workforce Services.

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