YouTube Videos for Aspiring Scientists

Although there are plenty of YouTube videos out there that might not seem all too educational, there are some good ones. For the aspiring scientist, we've covered a few on topics like the atom and the big bang.

YouTube Videos for Science Lovers

There are a lot of boring, stupid and otherwise useless videos on YouTube. But fortunately, they're not all a waste of time. There are a lot of interesting videos about science on the site as well, and some of them might even teach you something.

Introduction to the Atom

This video from the Khan Academy, a free online learning resource, is a great overview of atoms. It covers their structure and behavior, and is intended to be the foundation for further lessons in chemistry. If you've already got a good understanding of the basics of chemistry, this might not be the video for you, but it's a great starting place for students struggling with chemistry.

CERN: Re-creating the Big Bang

CERN is one of the hottest topics in science these days. Lots of speculation surrounds what exactly is going on there, and this video gives a good basic description of what is going on at CERN. Overviews of the big bang and the large hadron collider experiments are presented.

How Superconducting Levitation Works

Magnetic levitation and its potential applications are the focus of this video. It opens with a pretty nifty animated sequence, but ultimately focuses on a definition of superconductors. Different potential technologies are discussed.

'Extinct' Toad Thrives in Lab

Students interested in biology and environmental preservation will be interested in this and other videos from National Geographic's YouTube channel. This video highlights the plight of a frog that is extinct in the wild, but living successfully in a university lab in New York.

Coral Conservator: Smithsonian Scientist Mary Hagedorn

In this video from the Smithsonian Institute, marine biologist Dr. Mary Hagedorn talks about her work on preservation of coral. Getting a firsthand account from a working scientist is a great way for young aspiring scientists to get a feel for what the job is like. Dr. Hagedorn's video is part of a 'Meet Our Scientist' video series on the Smithsonian's YouTube channel.

Tsunami Simulation of the Tohoku Earthquake

This video is totally silent, but it provides a really fascinating - and terrifying - picture of the tsunami caused by the March 2011 earthquake in Japan. It helps show how earthquakes have an impact that ranges far beyond their immediate scope of destruction.

Octopus Tool Use: The World's Smartest Invertebrate

Remember Paul, the octopus who correctly predicted winners for games during the 2010 World Cup? It turns out that his octopus compatriots are pretty smart too. This video describes a recent study that proved octopi use tools, and actually shows an octopus carrying a coconut shell across the ocean floor.

If you're also looking for educational history videos, YouTube has you covered.

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