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Colleges with Architecture Programs & Majors

Architecture degrees are available at every level of the postsecondary system and each program offers something a little different. Read on to find out which schools offer degrees in architecture and what you might learn.

Ready to start a career as an architect designing buildings and other structures? It all starts with finding a school. Architecture programs typically focus on architectural history and theory, liberal arts, construction methods and professional practices. Some schools give students the opportunity to specialize. For instance, Cornell University offers concentrations in architecture history, architectural science and technology, visual representation in architecture and architectural analysis.

What Will I Learn in an Architecture Bachelor's Degree Program?

The coursework in an architecture program might depend on the degree level and the school's particular emphasis in the field. However, there are some fairly universal areas of study. These include conceptual skills like theories of structure, principles of design and understanding the history of the art form. Students typically learn these conceptual skills first, then move on to more hands-on learning like computer-aided design and drafting (CADD).

What Will I Learn in an Architecture Graduate Degree Program?

Students in advanced degree programs will delve deeper into the history, theory and principles that guide the art form. Research skills are highly emphasized, as are professional practices. Students learn about the business aspects of the profession, including regulations, ethics, leadership and marketing. Other curricula might include optional electives that a student wants to focus on.

Are There 2-Year Schools That Offer Architecture?

In order to work as an architect, you generally need at least a bachelor's degree and a license. However, it is possible to land a job in an architectural office with a 2-year degree. And, many schools offer a 2-year degree as a springboard into a 4-year program. These schools are a place to get started:

  • San Bernardino Valley College offers an Architecture & Environmental Design Associate of Arts degree (A.A.).
  • Northern Virginia Community College has an Associate of Applied Science degree in architecture technology.
  • San Diego Mesa College offers four Associate of Science degrees: architecture design, architecture technician, construction management and a university track.

What Schools Offer Bachelor's Degrees in Architecture?

When it comes to getting a bachelor's degree in architecture, you have a wide range of schools from which to choose. The following universities have architecture programs:

  • The University of Minnesota offers a Bachelor of Design in Architecture (B.D.A.) and a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) with a major in architecture.
  • Considered one of the best programs in the country, Cornell University's bachelor's in architecture offers a variety of concentrations .
  • Washington State University has an architectural studies major and a bachelor's degree in landscape architecture.

Where Can I Get a Graduate Degree in Architecture?

Master's degrees in architecture can vary in length depending on whether the student earned his or her bachelor's in architecture or another field. Doctoral programs are typically Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degrees geared towards those who wish to become teachers. However, one school offers a Doctor of Architecture program accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board.

  • The University of Hawai'i at Manoa offers a Master of Landscape Architecture and a Doctor of Architecture program.
  • Students interested in Yale may choose a Master of Architecture or a Ph.D.
  • The University of California Los Angeles also has Master of Architecture and Ph.D. degree programs.

What Can I Do With a Degree in Architecture?

With an associate's degree in architecture, you can apply to a 4-year program or you may be able to find work at an architectural design studio in an entry-level position. With a bachelor's degree, an internship and a passing grade on the Architect Registration Examination, you can become a practicing architect, either working for yourself or at an architectural firm. Those with a master's degree in architecture may be able to find increased career opportunities. Doctoral programs can lead to teaching positions.