Free Online Earth Science Videos & Lessons

There's an abundance of free online earth science learning materials with video content, including video lectures, experiments, and field studies. Review the resources below from two universities and one earth science climate organization! Schools offering Environmental Science degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

Overview of Free Online Earth Science Videos & Lessons

Earth science is an exceptionally vast topic that studies the interactions between land, water, air, and biology. Earth science investigates the history of the earth, the earth's features, and the interactions between various earth systems, as well as explores some of the most time-sensitive contemporary issues through specialties such as environmental science, climate science, and sustainability. Free online earth science lessons are far-reaching, but video lessons make self-paced distance learning more interactive and effective. All of the resources below include video materials for the benefit of your learning experience.

MIT OpenCourseWare

Searching the OCW Course Finder tool for earth science courses can generate a long list of topics covering the spectrum of specialties within earth science, including atmospheric science, geology, oceanography, climate science, and environmental science. This expansive list of free online courses could keep you busy for a long time, but if you are searching for earth science videos specifically, you can narrow your search down to a handful. Here are three courses that include video lectures or other types of video lesson content.

  • Atmosphere, Ocean and Climate Dynamics: This laboratory course includes links to 15 lab experiments, each of which includes one or multiple videos demonstrating the experiment.
  • Green Supply Chain Management: This graduate-level course includes a set of lecture notes for five class sessions, as well as six video lecture recordings.
  • Groundwater Hydrology This graduate-level course provides ten videos documenting two class field research trips.

Climate Literacy & Energy Awareness Network (CLEAN)

Here, you can learn about earth science from a contemporary viewpoint of global warming and climate change. This is a collection of resources that span various websites and platforms, such as universities, earth and environment organizations (like National Geographic), and YouTube. What's so useful about this collection is that all of the resources are scientifically reviewed and approved, so you won't have to filter YouTube videos yourself to find the worthwhile information.

The range of topics you can learn about is wide. Video lesson subjects include: the greenhouse effect, global climate change, extreme weather, Arctic and Antarctic sea ice, ocean temperatures, ocean acidification, biodiversity, animal and plants species case studies, biofuels, and much more.


By searching the Open Education Resources at PennState, you could find over 20 courses related to earth science. Some of these are about plate tectonics, oceanography, energy policy, global warming, and earth science controversies. Let's explore two courses offered by PennState's open education program that include plenty of video-based learning material:

  • Geology of National Parks:There are 12 lesson units in this course covering topics like mountain building, volcanism, and glaciers. Each unit includes textbook content and a video lecture. You can also access the course review video recording.
  • Earth in the Future: This climate change course includes 12 modules about ocean acidification, water resources, food supply, and more. This course is rich in photographs, diagrams, maps, graphs, and videos.

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