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Import-export courses deal with the international market, focusing on anything from laws and regulations to strategic approach. Read on for free courses that provide detailed information on these topics and what is required to access them. Schools offering Global Operations & Supply Chain Management degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

Overview of Free Online Import-Export Training Courses and Classes

The term import-export refers to the processes of the global market, where goods and services are either sold and shipped out of the country (exporting) or bought and received into the country (importing). Many online courses that teach the specifics of these procedures do so through an international trading scope, usually covering trade laws, political and economic factors that affect trades, or strategic approaches in the market. Most courses provided do not offer an official certification, but do serve in giving a solid framework for how international businesses handle trades efficiently and ethically.

Global Edge

Global Edge is an online source devoted to providing resources for those interested in the international market. In their global resource directory, you will find a list of trade tutorials and modules that are specific to importing and exporting goods. The majority of online course modules for exporting are formatted as slideshow presentations with voice-over audios, but some modules are also available as podcasts and can be downloaded as MP3 files for convenience. There is no registration required to access any of the modules, but the modules do require that Adobe Flash be installed on your web browser. Some of the Global Edge modules available are:

  • Export Strategy
  • Export Advice
  • Global Market Opportunity Assessment
  • Methods and Channels
  • Preparing Your Product for Export


EdX works in partnerships with various universities all over the world to provide free courses as well as affordable certificate programs. With regard to international trade, they offer a few courses that focus on the financial and political factors that affect businesses that are trying to globalize resources. The courses focus on topics such as trends in globalization and how macroeconomics influence international trade. The courses range between intermediate and advanced levels of difficulty and consist of videos and text resources. Creating an account on their website is required in order to partake in any courses offered. Also, these courses do offer verified certificates, but there is a fee required to obtain it. Some international trade courses provided are:

  • Global Business in Practice
  • Evidence-Based Global Management
  • New Trends in Trade Agreements in Latin America and the Caribbean

U.S. Department of Commerce

The Bureau of Industry and Security under the U.S. Department of Commerce offer six modules within their free 'Essentials of Export Controls' seminar. The formatting for these modules are video presentations that are downloaded to your device for viewing, along with written transcripts and a PDF of every slide used in each video presentation for convenience. The presentations focus on different legal aspects of exporting goods in the global market, such as licensing requirements, commerce control lists, and general prohibitions. There are no prerequisites or registrations needed to access the information provided. Some modules featured in the seminar are:

  • Export Control Basics
  • Using Licence Exceptions
  • Licence Application and Supporting Documentation
  • General Prohibitions Including Prohibited End-Users and End-Uses and Activities

U.S. Census Bureau

The U.S. Census Bureau website contains a foreign trade section with import and export training videos, along with additional resources that outsource to other U.S. government websites with more information. The site primarily focuses on laws and regulations with only one section devoted to data that can help with strategic planning. No registration is required to access the videos; however, Adobe Flash Player must be installed for the videos to play. Some topics covered by the Census Bureau include:

  • Taxes and tariffs
  • ECCNs and EAR99
  • Reporting Electronic Export Information (EEI)
  • Accessing and using the trade statistics
  • North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) basics

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers a free Open CourseWare (OCW) class on international trade that focuses on the effects global trade has on the market, trade policies, and trade models that are commonly followed internationally. The course is formatted with lecture slides, notes, assignments, and exams. Although access to this course is free, you will need to purchase the textbooks separately to follow along with the syllabus. The course also suggests the prerequisites of microeconomics and macroeconomics for better understanding of the content that is taught. Some topics covered include:

  • Ricardian trade model
  • Preferences and demand
  • Trade and inequality
  • Consequences of increasing returns
  • Factor mobility- labor migration

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