Online Graduate Certificate in Software Engineering

Software engineering can be a complicated field that is constantly evolving and changing. In order to meet the needs of working professionals, several schools now offer online certificates that teach important skills discussed in this article. Schools offering Software Development & Engineering degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

What Topics Are Covered In An Online Graduate Certificate in Software Engineering?

Online graduate certificates in software engineering can be ideal for professionals looking to pick up useful skills in a condensed time-frame. Interested students will need at least a bachelor's degree, ideally in software engineering, computer science, or another relevant field. These programs are shorter than a full master's degree and generally consist of around 12-15 credit hours, which is about four or five courses, such as those described below.

Software Project Management

This kind of course can teach aspiring software engineers how to navigate and manage the software development process. Larger projects require professionals to juggle multiple tasks, including defining the project scope, devising a project schedule, monitoring the project, and adjusting for any unforeseen complications. In this course, students could learn these skills and explore the software engineering life-cycle, including analysis, modeling, design, and architecture.

Software Analysis And Design

These courses typically begin by defining software requirements and then focus on the two core components: analysis and design. Common analysis topics include problem analysis, case analysis, and requirement specification, while design topics can include frameworks, design patterns, polymorphism and inheritance. Some courses may delve into implementation, the final phase of the process. Topics covered in this section may include data structures, graphical user interfaces, and object-oriented programming in languages such as Java or Python.

Software Testing and Debugging

As mentioned above, software engineers need to be precise, and a major component of this precision comes from testing code for errors and then rectifying any mistakes. Courses in testing and debugging can show students how to find bugs and patch the errors that are causing them. In courses like these, you can expect to learn about testing adequacy, integration testing, program analysis, and structural testing, among other topics.

Software As A Service

Software as a service (also known as SaaS) is delivery model in which companies develop software and then license it to companies on a subscription basis. The market for SaaS has grown rapidly with the rise of applications such as Salesforce because they pose several advantages that are appealing to both developers and customers. Students looking to learn more about this model can find courses in online certificate programs that explore the entire life-cycle of the the SaaS method. In addition to understanding how the model works, students in these courses might also learn about the web-based tools used to create and deploy these applications.

Advanced Database Concepts

Certain offerings in online graduate certificates in software engineering are designed for students with prior experience. Software engineers with a fair amount of experience who are already familiar with basic database principles can expand their knowledge by studying more complicated subjects in database administration. Using techniques acquired in previous courses or on-the-job experience, students could use SQL and other object-oriented languages to learn about datatypes, sets, and builtin functions, along with other sections of the course that might concentrate on sorting, filtering, advanced query techniques, and relational databases. Depending on the program, there may be prerequisite coursework that must be completed prior to enrolling in this type of course.

Advanced Software Development

Another advanced offering usually focuses on more complex development concepts and software design. Building on previously-learned skills, these courses could cover benchmarking, database creation, threading, reentrancy, and more. Students might also learn about security measures to protect data and software distribution packaging (especially helpful for those interested in SaaS).

Programming Python

Online certificates do not just cover general topics; certain courses commonly cover the important skills needed in order to be a successful software engineer. One such skill involves fluency in object-oriented programming, and this can be obtained through competence in Java, C, and Python. Python courses usually provide an introduction to the basics of the language and allow students to get comfortable with it before moving on to the courses mentioned above.

Online graduate certificates in software engineering can be diverse programs that strive to teach both the fundamental skills and advanced theoretical concepts behind the art of software engineering. They cover a wide swath of topics and could be an excellent way to develop new skills and advance your career.

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