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PhD Programs in History in California

California is home to multiple schools that offer Ph.D. programs in history. Read on for more information on the subjects and skills that these programs contain.

The University of California, Los Angeles

UCLA has a flexible Ph.D. in History program that allows students to specialize in a wide variety of majors and subdisciplines including ancient Rome, early modern Japan, the American Civil War and Reconstruction, and the history of Christianity. The program concludes with a dissertation and helps students diversify their skills with a language component that requires participants to acquire a reading knowledge of at least one foreign language.

The University of California, Davis

The Ph.D. in History at UC Davis focuses specifically on the development of reading, research, and teaching skills that are designed to serve students in future careers at museums, schools, and archives. In addition to traditional coursework, the program also exposes students to practical study, research seminars, and language arts.

The University of California, Santa Cruz

UC Santa Cruz offers a Ph.D. program in history that includes concentrations in thee geographic areas: European history (from the year 1500), U.S. history, and East Asian history since 1600. The program also stresses teaching skills and contains a range of lessons designed to prepare students to teach courses at the university level.

Claremont Graduate University

The 72-credit Ph.D. program at Claremont features courses in unique geographic areas and time periods such as nuclear America, Reformation Europe, and the Spanish Civil War. Students in this doctoral program will have access to a pair of libraries, including one of the state's largest collections, in the Libraries of the Claremont Colleges.

Stanford University

Stanford's Ph.D. in History program boasts small class sizes, intense research and a focus on collaboration. The program features 14 fields of study and gives students the opportunity to choose to study African history, the history of science, modern Europe, and more.

The University of California, Riverside

UC Riverside has a Ph.D. in History that allows students to choose a research field in Public History. The doctorate in history includes specializations in Early America, Southeast Asia, Modern Europe, and more, while the public history offering provides training in historiography and historical research methods.

University of Southern California

The Ph.D. program at USC lets students mix and match areas of interest as they choose a major, a minor, and an area of specialization with options in Latin America, urbanism, Colonial America, and 19th-century intellectual history. The major field is intended to prepare students for teaching and research, while the area of specialization can further enhance skills or be used in preparation for the dissertation.

The University of California, San Diego

UC San Diego's Ph.D. in History aims to provide students with a well-rounded curriculum that contains a blend of traditional classroom instruction, research papers, field examinations, and language requirements. Working with a faculty advisor, students have the freedom to design a major and minor and the program concludes with a qualifying examination and dissertation. Specializations are offered in Critical Gender Studies and History of Science.

California State University, Sacramento

Sacramento State University offers a Ph.D. in Public History that includes specializations in areas such as cultural resource management, the history of public policy, and institutional history. The program includes an internship for real-world experience and is designed for careers in cultural resource management, historic preservation and archives administration.

The University of California, Santa Barbara

Students who have only a bachelor's degree can enroll in the MA/Ph.D. program at UC Santa Barabara; it includes 16 fields of study including Medieval Europe, public history, and gender studies. The program features teaching opportunities and pedagogical training initiatives that allow graduates to use their skills in academic and non-academic settings.

School Name Degree Offered Tuition (2019-20)*
The University of California, Los Angeles Ph.D. in History $11,442 (in-state) $26,544 (out-of-state)
The University of California, Davis Ph.D. in History $11,442 (in-state) $26,544 (out-of-state)
The University of California, Santa Cruz Ph.D. in History $11,442 (in-state) $26,544 (out-of-state)
Claremont Graduate University Ph.D. in History $35,640
Stanford University Ph.D. in History $52,479
The University of California, Riverside Ph.D. in History, Ph.D. in Public History $11,442 (in-state) $26,544 (out-of-state)
University of Southern California Ph.D. in History $46,272
The University of California, San Diego Ph.D. in History $11,442 (in-state) $26,544 (out-of-state)
California State University, Sacramento Ph.D. in Public History $7,176 (in-state) $16,680 (out-of-state)
The University of California, Santa Barbara MA/Ph.D. in History $11,442 (in-state) $26,544 (out-of-state)

*Source: National Center for Education Statistics

Ph.D. programs in history are available at several schools across the state of California. These programs allow students to study a wide range of geographic areas and time periods in preparation for teaching and research roles in the historical field.