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PhD Programs in History in Georgia

The state of Georgia has a few different schools that students can choose from to earn a PhD in History. Learn more about some of these schools, the programs they offer, and tuition costs.

Georgia State University

Students that hope to earn a PhD in History can do so through the program offered at Georgia State University that requires students to complete a total of 10 courses prior to graduation. In addition to these courses, students will also need to take and pass three comprehensive exams, and prepare and successfully defend their dissertation.

University of Georgia

The University of Georgia has a PhD in History that typically takes three years of full-time study in coursework focused on a major, minor, and specialized field. Before earning their PhD degree, those enrolled will need to take a total of 10 classes equaling at least 30 semester hours, take comprehensive exams, and complete both a dissertation and defense.

Emory University

The PhD in History program at Emory University requires students to take classes for the first two years they are enrolled in the program, during which time they must complete a minimum of 12 courses. After they complete this coursework, they typically take an exam or complete a portfolio, then focus on their dissertation and defense. Students have a maximum of seven years to complete this PhD in History program.

Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia Institute of Technology offers students the opportunity to earn a PhD in the History and Sociology of Technology and Science with a concentration in either sociology of science and technology or technology, science, and modern history. This program requires students to take three years of coursework followed by the completion of comprehensive exams, a dissertation, and its defense.

School NamePrograms OfferedGraduate Tuition (2019-2020)*
Georgia State UniversityPhD in HistoryIn-State: $7,164
Out-of-State: $22,662
University of GeorgiaPhD in HistoryIn-State: $8,878
Out-of-State: $25,186
Emory UniversityPhD in History $42,800
Georgia Institute of TechnologyPhD in History and Sociology of Technology and ScienceIn-State: $14,064
Out-of-State: $29,140

*Source: National Center for Education Statistics

How to Earn a PhD in History

Students that want to earn a PhD in History typically need to hold a minimum of a bachelor's degree in the field before applying for admission to one of these programs. All program requirements will typically need to be completed in a maximum of seven years, and students can take a variety of different courses like teaching history, professional development for historians, and introduction to historical methods and study.

Teaching History

A course on the topic of teaching history is designed to teach students about a variety of different methods that can be used to teach college-level courses in the field of history. Students will learn essential skills like how to prepare class materials, how to create a course syllabus, and more. Lastly, those enrolled in this course may be able to gain hands-on experience through different teaching exercises or trial lessons.

Professional Development for Historians

Professional development for historians is a course that will prepare students for their future careers in teaching, research, or other areas. This class will help students by providing them with the tools and skills needed to reach their goals, and it might even provide direction into how to submit professional papers to journals or prepare excellent job applications. Students here will get to speak with history faculty often, and they will work on the development of their future careers.

Introduction to Advanced Historical Methods and Study

An introduction to historical methods and study class will teach students the skills that they will need to study in the field of history in an advanced way and setting. This course will also teach students how to comprehend and study different categories within the vast field of history. This course may also touch base on different areas like writing grant proposals, analyzing case studies, looking at historical evidence, and the development of critical thinking skills.

Any student that wants to earn a PhD degree in history from a school in Georgia can choose from a number of programs at institutions including Georgia State University, Emory University, Georgia Institute of Technology, and the University of Georgia. Once students gain admission into one of these PhD programs, they will need to complete a variety of required classes, such as teaching history and introduction to historical methods and study, take comprehensive exams, and complete their dissertation, all typically within a span of seven years.