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Requirements to Be a High School Substitute Teacher in Hawaii

Read for an overview on the requirements to become a high school substitute teacher in Hawaii. Get the facts on the required education, certification process and career outlook.

Info for Hawaii High School Substitute Teachers

Though anyone with a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution can be considered for high school substitute teacher positions in Hawaii, those who emerged from a state approved teacher preparation program are given first priority for teaching opportunities. The table below outlines all applicable requirements and salary expectations for high school substitute teachers in the state.

Education Required Bachelor's degree
Training State Approved Teacher Education Program (SATEP) preferred
Certification Substitute Teacher Course Completion Certificate awarded after passing 30-hour course (for those without a teacher education training program)
Average Salary (2018) $47,020 (for all Hawaii substitute teachers)*
Estimated Job Growth (2016-2026) 8% growth (for all high school teachers nationwide)*

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

What Are the Education Requirements for High School Substitute Teachers in Hawaii?

All substitute teacher candidates must have a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university. Though not required, the state strongly prefers candidates who have graduated from a State Approved Teacher Education Program (SATEP), where students receive training on teaching techniques and lesson planning strategies and complete internship or residency programs in order to develop real-world experience. The Hawaii Teacher Standards Board website has the most updated list of approved teacher preparation programs in the state. Substitute teacher candidates who have emerged from these programs have priority for teaching opportunities and are eligible for a higher hourly pay.

How Do I Begin the Application Process?

To begin the application process, you must select a specific high school in your area and reach out to their administration requesting to be added to their substitute preferred list. If the school is interested, they will request a copy of your college transcripts and may invite you to complete one or several interviews. Once a school moves forward with the hiring process and expresses interest in adding you to their preferred list, you will receive an approval notice which you can use to continue the application process with the Hawaii Department of Education. You do not need to complete this process for several schools, as this step makes you eligible for potential positions at other schools in the state.

Is There Any Training Involved?

Once applicants have an approval notice from a high school in Hawaii, the application process continues with the completion of a mandatory training known as the Substitute Teacher course. This training is composed of 30 hours of instruction and is offered by one of several community schools in different locations across the state. The Hawaii Department of Education has a list of community schools that offer this training program, which you can visit for additional information on registration, locations, and dates. The mandatory course ends with an examination, which grants all who pass it a completion certificate that is valid for five years. Those who graduated from teacher preparation programs or have teaching licenses (both from Hawaii or out-of-state) can usually skip this required course.

Are There Any Other Requirements?

Once candidates receive a valid substitute teacher course completion certificate, they can return to the school's administration to finalize the steps required to be officially added to their preferred list. This step involves the completion of a substitute teacher application, which must be filled out and submitted to the Hawaii Department of Education in a packet including all official college transcripts, a certified tuberculosis clearance, photocopies of the candidate social security number, and the completion certificate from the substitute teacher course. Once you have submitted your application packet, you will receive instructions on visiting the nearest office to complete a background check which includes a full fingerprint scan.