Transformational Psychology Graduate Programs

A very specific field of psychology that may sometimes be included in holistic or counseling psychology programs, transformative psychology provides creative outlets for self-development and perspective change. This article will discuss admission requirements, coursework, and career pathways for transformative psychology graduate degree programs. Schools offering Psychology degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

Admittance Requirements for a Transformational Psychology Graduate Program

Usually, students must have taken courses in psychology or graduated with a bachelor's degree in psychology to be admitted to a transformational psychology graduate program. Moreover, students are required to submit several letters of recommendation, a statement of personal intent, as well as transcripts from all previous studies. Lastly, submission of a resume as well as other examination results might be required. Schools may require a minimum GPA of 2.5, and proof of English proficiency might be required for non-native English speakers. This master's program typically takes around 48 credits, or 2 years, to complete.

Transformational Psychology Overview and Coursework

Transformational psychology, better known as transpersonal psychology, is a field that integrates the psychological and spiritual, eastern and western, as well as clinical and epistemological views. This program also focuses on the development of self, personally and professionally, through reaching into spirituality, consciousness, and pulling out awareness in people and communities. Due to its highly specific nature, such a program can often be found under the larger umbrella of holistic psychology, or in combination with consciousness studies. The following are some of the required courses for a transformational psychology graduate program.

Transformative Coaching

By utilizing coaching methodologies, this course discusses several developmental growth theories of adults and provides the potential coach with the necessary tools to reveal his/her client's strengths and potentials, enhance performance, and aid in achieving the client's goals. Essentially, this course focuses on the transformation of clients' perspectives and connecting them to their missions, which they will manifest in the end. The four pillars of coaching will also be discussed: creativity, welcomeness, client-based objectives, and client focus. Skills such as active listening, program designing, trust establishment, and communication will also be explored.

Transpersonal Psychology

This course integrates philosophy, science, human development, and psychology in a practical and theoretical learning process to provide background knowledge on transformational psychology. This course discusses the work of individuals who integrated the views of the transpersonal into their lives and provided results. Students will also discuss transpersonal psychology as an alternative to existing branches of psychology and will be introduced to other concepts, such as self-actualization, transcendence, and personality.

Positive Self-Realization and Transcendence

With Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs as a basis, this course defines self-realization as a prerequisite for well-being in edhonic and eudamonic models. This course will allow students to discover the difference between a false and true self, as well as the theories on distortions of personality. Additionally, the two main focuses of self-realization, self-awareness and self-acceptance, will be discussed in regards to their abilities to identify and transform talents, beliefs, and potential, to accelerate development.

Creativity and Consciousness

The prominence of art in both ancient and modern culture is analyzed as a tool to measure levels of human consciousness. Moreover, creativity is viewed through the lens of overcoming hurdles to the presentation of an individual's genuine voice. The state of 'flow' as experienced by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and other teachings on the states of consciousness in relation to the creative self will be further discussed. Art is explored as an expression of light, rhythm, and form, and in combination with dance and music creates value through different interactions.

Culminating Project

This project is one that allows students to refine and present their knowledge on a chosen concentration area and display their abilities as researchers. It constitutes the end of the program, and is typically presented in the form of a report, with an overview of findings, interpretations, recommendations, and conclusions. This project is typically the foundation for more group discussions, and completion of the project confirms alignment between the student's knowledge and the program's objectives.

Transformational Psychology Degree Career Paths


Psychologists are professionals who initiate studies of individual behavior and brain function, observe individuals, and identify and diagnose prominent issues. Moreover, they provide treatment options for clients and supervise other professionals. With a specialization in transformational psychology, they will most likely qualify to be in the top 10th percentile in this profession and moreover be well equipped to provide the treatment and counseling necessary to change perspectives and aid in personal development.

Recreational Therapist

In order to nurture and develop a patient's overall well-being, recreational therapists arrange recreation-based programs to help him/her with different challenges using different modes. With gained skills in creativity and consciousness, graduates of the transformative psychology degree program will be able to accentuate these modes of expression in alignment with an individual's objectives. Moreover, effective progress will be achieved through the planning of ways to gain self-realization, cope with difficulties, and manifest predetermined objectives. Recreational therapists might also collaborate with psychologists, social workers, physicians, teachers, and other professionals.

Life Coach

Life coaches are knowledgeable in various topics on mental and physical well-being and work with a varied demographic with the objective of leading them towards a healthy lifestyle. They may work in different institutions and have the option of being self-employed as personal life coaches, offering visits to clients' spaces to provide in-depth work. In accordance with the transformative coaching skills that have been part of this coursework, life coaches will have to plan their coaching outline based on clients' needs, as well as utilizing knowledge to collaborate with clients. Moreover, they document this journey and conduct assessments to measure client development. Lastly, life coaches equip clients with the necessary training and development to help them reach their goals.

Job Title Median Salary Job Growth(2018-2028)
Psychologist $79,010 (2018)* 14%*
Life Coach $47,424 (2019)** 7% (recreational therapists)*
Recreational Therapist $47,860 (2018)* 7%*

Sources: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, **

Although scarce, graduate programs in transformative psychology are highly beneficial for those who are keen on imparting specialized knowledge to others. With the minimum requirement of undergraduate psychology coursework, students who choose to undertake this program will be prepared for rewarding careers as top-tier psychologists, life coaches, and recreational therapists. Additionally, the self-realization and actualization learned from this program will also contribute to personal development as a trajectory to true self-discovery.

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