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Minimum Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must be a high school graduate or have completed GED

Prepare for Your Future at Southern New Hampshire University

Founded in 1932 at the New Hampshire School of Accounting and Secretarial Science, the Southern New Hampshire University is committed not only to preparing students for their careers, but also to be socially responsible members of their communities.

In 1995, Southern New Hampshire University began offering online courses. SNHU Online proudly offers small classes, highly affordable tuition, and a supportive learning community to online learners around the world. Online students can access SHNU's Shapiro Library's digital resources, personalized academic advising, online tutoring and 24/7 technical support.

Join the SNHU community and find a degree program that emphasizes intellectualism, creativity and working toward the greater good.

Below is the full list of graduate and undergraduate programs available at Southern New Hampshire University:

  1. Business
  2. School of Arts & Sciences
    • AA in Digital Photography
    • AS Information Technologies
    • AS in Fashion Merchandising
    • BA - Anthropology
    • BA Anthropology w/conc in Environmental Sustainability
    • BA Anthropology w/conc in Geospatial Technologies
    • BA General Studies
    • BA Graphic Design and Media Arts/ 3-D Modeling & Animation
    • BA Graphic Design and Media Arts/Web Design
    • BA Human Services
    • BA Information Technologies
    • BA Mathematics w/conc in Applied Mathematics
    • BA Political Science
    • BA Sociology w/conc in Community Health
    • BA in Communication
    • BA in Communication - Professional Writing
    • BA in Creative Writing & English
    • BA in Creative Writing - Fiction Writing
    • BA in Creative Writing - Nonfiction Writing
    • BA in Creative Writing - Poetry
    • BA in Creative Writing - Screenwriting
    • BA in English Language & Literature
    • BA in Game Art and Development
    • BA in History
    • BA in History - American History
    • BA in History - European History
    • BA in History - Middle Eastern History
    • BA in History - Military History
    • BA in Mathematics
    • BA in Psychology
    • BA in Psychology - Child & Adolescent Dev.
    • BA in Psychology - Forensic Psychology
    • BA in Public Administration
    • BA in Sociology
    • BS Computer Science
    • BS Env Science in Nat Resources & Conservation
    • BS Environmental Science
    • BS Environmental Science in Geospatial Technologies
    • BS Game Programming and Development
    • BS Geosciences
    • BS Information Technologies
    • BS Information Technologies - Geographic Information Systems
    • BS Information Technologies w/conc in Database Administration
    • BS Information Technologies with concentration in Cyber security
    • BS Information Technologies with concentration in Data Analytics
    • BS Information Technologies with concentration in Information Technology Management
    • BS Information Technologies with concentration in Network and Telecommunications
    • BS Information Technologies with concentration in Software Development
    • BS Information Technologies with concentration in Web Design and Development
    • BS in Fashion Merchandising Management
    • BS in Geosciences concentration in Geospatial Technology
    • BS in Geosciences concentration in Natural Resources & Conservation
    • Bachelor of Science Information Technologies - Des
    • M.Ed. Curriculum Instr- Special Ed
    • MA - English and Creative Writing
    • MEd in Curriculum and Instruction - Dyslexia Studies & LBLD
    • MS Information Technology, IT Management concentration
    • MS Information Technology, Data Analytics concentration
    • MS in Cyber Security
    • MS in Cyber Security with a concentration in IT management
    • MS in Higher Education Administration
    • MS in Information Technology with a concentration in software application development
    • MS in Psychology with concentration in Forensic Psychology
    • Masters - English
    • Masters - English and Creative Writing
    • Masters - English and Creative Writing: Fiction
    • Masters - English and Creative Writing: Nonfiction
    • Masters - English and Creative Writing: Poetry
    • Master - History
    • Master - History: American History
    • Master - History: Military History
    • Master - History: Public History
    • MEd in Curriculum & Instruction
    • MEd in Curriculum & Instruction - Educational Leadership
    • MEd in Curriculum & Instruction - Reading Specialist
    • MEd in Curriculum & Instruction - Technology Integration Specialist
    • Masters - Information Technology
    • Masters - Information Technology: Database Design Concentration
    • Masters - Information Technology: Healthcare Informatics Concentration
    • Masters - Information Technology: Internet Security Concentration
    • Masters - Information Technology: Web Design Concentration
    • Masters - Psychology
    • Masters - Psychology: Child and Developmental Psychology
    • Masters - Psychology: Industrial Organizational Psychology
    • Bachelors - Graphic Design
    • Bachelor - Psychology: Addictions
    • Bachelors - Psychology: Mental Health
    • Bachelor - Psychology: Social Psychology
    • Bachelors - Industrial & Organizational Psychology
  3. School of Business
  4. School of Criminal Justice
    • AS Criminal Justice
    • BS Criminal Justice
    • BS Criminal Justice - Corrections
    • BS Criminal Justice - Human Services
    • BS Criminal Justice with concentration in Criminology
    • BS Criminal Justice with concentration in Homeland Security and Counter Terrorism
    • BS Criminal Justice with concentration in Legal Studies and Advocacy
    • BS Criminal Justice with concentration in Police Administration and Operations
    • MS in Criminal Justice
    • MS in Criminal Justice: Advanced Counterterrorism & Homeland Security concentration
    • MS in Criminal Justice: Public Safety Administration concentration
  5. School of Healthcare
    • BA Human Services Substance Abuse
    • BA Human Services concentration in Child and Family Services
    • BA Human Services in Gerontology
    • BS Health Information Management
    • BS Health Science
    • BS Healthcare Admin in Patient Safety & Quality
    • BS Healthcare Administration
    • BS Healthcare Administration - Healthcare Info Mgmt
    • BS in Community Health Education
    • BS in Public Health
    • MS in Public Health
    • MS in Public Health w/concentration in Global Health
    • MSM in Healthcare
    • MBA - Healthcare Informatics
    • MBA - Healthcare Management