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Ashford University's Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Anthropology program can help you prepare for graduate work in the social sciences. Learn more about the exciting Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Anthropology program here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Program Is It?

The online Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Anthropology program at Ashford University offers you the opportunity to study anthropological theory and examine culture as a system of adaptation that guides human behavior through beliefs, language, customs, and traditions. Coursework covers family, kinship systems, neighborhoods, and other social settings; the nature of war; the relationship between language and culture; and the nature of religion, magic, and ritual, and how they work within societies. You will have the opportunity to study urban anthropology, poverty culture, anthropology of gender, and gender roles historically and contemporarily; learn cultural anthropology research methods, including participant observation, genealogy, ecological mapping, and formal and informal interviewing; and discover how anthropologists apply anthropology to address problems of housing, health, nutrition, and education in contemporary societies.

What are the Prerequisites?

If you would like to apply to the Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Anthropology program, you should have a keen interest in understanding humanity and how culture creates meaning. All applicants to Ashford University should possess a high school diploma or its equivalent; some programs may have more specific requirements.

What are the Course Requirements?

The Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Anthropology online program requires 120 credits to complete. It includes 46 general education credits, 36 major credits, and 47 elective credits. Some courses may also require additional hardware

Cultural Anthropology Course Requirements

Course CodeCourse Name
Introductory Course Requirements
EXP 105 Personal Dimensions of Education
PSY 202 Adult Development & Life Assessment
Major Course Requirements
ANT 101 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ANT 234 Family, Kin, & Groups
ANT 307 Anthropology of War
ANT 340 Anthropological Theory
ANT 343 Language, Culture, & Communication
ANT 351 Anthropology of Religion, Magic, & Ritual
ANT 347 Urban Anthropology
ANT 353 Anthropology of Gender
ANT 348 Native American Anthropology
ANT 464 Applied Anthropology
ANT 462 Anthropological Research Methods
ANT 499 Ethnographic Study Capstone

What Could I Do After I Graduate?

Career Opportunities

As a graduate of the Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Anthropology program at Ashford University, you should have the skills needed to seek entry-level positions in a variety of sectors, including business, non-profit, social services, public health, and government. The multi-cultural training offered by the program can prepare you for a wide range of positions, including:

  • Anthropologist
  • Community organizer
  • Political activist
  • Museum archivist

Advanced Degrees

After successfully completing the Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Anthropology program, you may wish to prepare for education, research, or leadership roles by pursuing a master's degree. There are a variety of anthropology-related master's programs available, from sociological to forensic. Depending on your interests, you could pursue master's degrees such as:

  • Master of Arts in Cultural Anthropology
  • Master of Arts in Museum Anthropology
  • Master of Arts in Applied Anthropology
  • Master of Arts in Forensic Anthropology

Certain degree programs may not be available in all states.

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