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If you're considering a career as a marketing professional, you may be interested in Ashford University's Bachelor of Arts, Public Relations and Marketing program. You can learn more about the Bachelor of Arts, Public Relations and Marketing online degree program here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Program Is It?

The Bachelor of Arts, Public Relations and Marketing at Ashford University is an online program designed to offer you a solid foundation in management theory, business communications, and consumer behavior. The program explores key principles in marketing and advertising, marketing strategies, international marketing, and marketing research methods. You'll have the opportunity to learn techniques for writing public relations and media content, such as press releases, speeches, brochures, and ad copy as you study fundamental concepts in visual communication and message development. The program also offers three specializations which you can choose from: information systems, international management, or project management. This program is part of the school's Forbes School of Business & Technology™, and its online students have access to a variety of unique resources and online events, such as webinars that feature business experts from Forbes.

What are the Prerequisites?

You must be at least 22 years old. All applicants to Ashford University should possess a high school diploma or its equivalent; some programs may have more specific requirements. Additional computer hardware and software requirements apply to online students.

What are the Course Requirements?

To earn the Bachelor of Arts, Public Relations and Marketing, you must complete 120 credits. This includes 52 that are general education credits (nine of which may also be major credits), 32 that are elective credits, and 45 that are major credits. Transfer students may have different requirements than those listed below.

Public Relations and Marketing Course Requirements

Course CodeCourse Name
Introductory Courses
EXP 105 Personal Dimensions of Education
PSY 202 Adult Development & Life Assessment
Major Course Requirements
MGT 330 Management for Organizations
BUS 330 Principles of Marketing
BUS 317 Introduction to Advertising
BUS 336 Marketing Strategy
BUS 339 Marketing Research
BUS 340 Business Communications
BUS 343 International Marketing
BUS 350 Consumer Behavior
BUS 352 E-Business
CGD 218 Visual Literacy in Business
CGD 240 Media Writing & Editing
CGD 318 Public Relations Practices and Promotional Writing
INF 410 Project Management
PHI 445 Personal and Organizational Ethics
BUS 421 PR/Marketing Capstone

What Could I Do After I Graduate?

Career Opportunities

The Bachelor of Arts, Public Relations and Marketing program at Ashford University is designed to help you prepare for a variety of career opportunities within consulting firms, advertising and marketing agencies, private businesses, and non-profit organizations. Upon successful completion of the program, you may be eligible to compete for positions such as:

  • Advertising executive
  • Corporate consultant
  • Marketing director
  • Political campaign advisor
  • PR representative
  • Small-business owner

Advanced Degrees

The Bachelor of Arts, Public Relations and Marketing program can also help you prepare for graduate studies. After completing the program, you may wish to apply to a related master's degree program. Earning a master's degree can offer you advanced training in marketing, advertising, research, and consumer behavior, preparing you for increased responsibility and more challenging roles.

Certain degree programs may not be available in all states.

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