Master - Criminal Justice

If you would like to prepare for advanced leadership or teaching roles in criminal justice, you may be interested in the Master of Science in Criminal Justice program at Colorado Technical University. Discover more about the Master of Science in Criminal Justice program here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Program Is It?

Colorado Technical University's Master of Science in Criminal Justice online program offers you the opportunity to conduct and apply criminal justice research to the development of criminal justice public policy. The program examines law enforcement theory and management, corrections management and administration, and terrorism and security management. Other topics include the court system, case management tools, and the impact of diversity in the criminal justice field. You can demonstrate your understanding and professional competencies in criminal justice in the final capstone course.

What are the Prerequisites?

If you'd like to apply to the Master of Science in Criminal Justice program, you should be an experienced criminal justice professional. Applicants to all of Colorado Technical University's programs must have a high school diploma or equivalent; some programs have additional requirements

What are the Course Requirements?

The Master of Science in Criminal Justice program consists of 48 credits. You must complete 12 core credits and 36 criminal justice credits. You will need to have access to specific computer hardware and software to participate in the program.

Core Course Requirements

Course CodeCourse Name
HRMT 645 Operational Human Resource Management
INTD 670 Leadership and Ethical Decision-Making
MGMT 605 Graduate Research Methods

Criminal Justice Course Requirements

Course CodeCourse Name
CJUS 600 Advanced Review of Criminal Justice
CJUS 615 Criminology and Public Policy
CJUS 620 Court Services Management
CJUS 625 Issues of Diversity in Criminal Justice
CJUS 630 Law Enforcement Management
CJUS 640 Corrections Management
CJUS 650 Terrorism and Homeland Security Management
CJUS 675 Special Topics in Criminal Justice
CJUS 685 Graduate Criminal Justice Capstone

What Could I Do After I Graduate?

Career Opportunities

The Master of Science in Criminal Justice program at CTU Online is designed to prepare you for leadership roles in policy planning and development in the criminal justice system. As a graduate of the program, you could have the knowledge and skills needed to seek career opportunities in the courts, law enforcement and corrections agencies, research organizations, colleges, and government agencies associated with criminal justice. Positions you could pursue may include:

  • Police chief
  • Corrections administrator
  • Case manager
  • Postsecondary professor, criminal justice
  • Criminologist

CTU does not guarantee employment or salary. University grants or scholarships are based on established criteria as published in the University's catalog and are awarded after verification that the conditions of eligibility have been met.