Bachelor in Digital Cinematography

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Students of Full Sail University's bachelor of science in Digital Cinematography program have the opportunity to build digital production and content development skills for a wide range of digital media. You can learn more about this online bachelor's degree program here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of program is it?

Full Sail University's bachelor of science in Digital Cinematography is an online degree program. Its three main areas of focus include film making foundations, digital video technology, and video output. Topics addressed in the program coursework include project planning, story development, directing, lighting techniques, post-production processes, location scouting and shooting, digital audio production, digital software tools, visual and sound effects, and web design. A digital video project provides students the opportunity to apply methods and techniques in planning management, storytelling, and editing, while a post-production project offers a hands-on understanding of online editing and visual effects.

What are the prerequisites?

Aspiring students of the B.S. in Digital Cinematography program at Full Sail University should have a basic understanding of digital technology and strong communication and creative skills. You should have earned a high school diploma and be a permanent resident or U.S. citizen.

What are the course requirements?

Students must earn a total of 122.5 credits to earn the bachelor of science degree in Digital Cinematography. General education courses account for 32 credits of this required total.

Digital Cinematography Course Requirements

Course CodeCourse Name
DCN 4365 Advanced Post and Story Development
DCN 3655 Art Design and Location Shooting
DCN 3333 Digital Audio Production
FIL 2771 Digital Cinematography I
FIL 2781 Digital Cinematography II
DCN 4815 Digital Cinematography Final Project
DGL 101 Digital Literacy
FLM 367 Directing
DCN 3435 Electronic Field Production
DCN 4110 Film Criticism
DCN 2111 Film Foundations
DCN 4915 Final Project Post-production
FIL 1034 History of Motion Picture Arts
ENTB 376 Intellectual Property
PGY 1106 Introduction to Digital Photography
FLM 321 Introduction to Editing and Visual Effects
FLM 241 Lighting I
FLM 242 Lighting II
DCN 4421 Mobility and Data Management
DCN 4993 Personal Creative Development
FLM 463 Producing Independent Film
DCN 3111 Project Planning and Development
FLM 223 Storytelling
WEB 4550 Web Design
PMA 101 Project Management and Assessment I
PMA 102 Project Management and Assessment II
PMA 203 Project Management and Assessment III

What could I do after I graduate?

Potential Career Opportunities

Completion of Full Sail University's bachelor of science in Digital Cinematography program could prepare you to pursue entry-level positions in various professional settings, including digital production companies, major or independent film studios, media development companies, or television studios. You might also work in online media development for almost any type of industry. Possible careers graduates could pursue include:

  • Production Assistant
  • Videographer
  • Camera Operator/Loader
  • Lighting Technician

Advanced Degrees

Graduates of the B.S. in Digital Cinematography program might wish to expand their knowledge and further develop specific skills before entering the workforce and can do so by enrolling in a graduate degree program. Some employers might require a master's degree for those interested in becoming managers or executives in the field. Master's degrees you could pursue include:

  • Master of Fine Arts in Media Design
  • Master of Science in Game Design
  • Master of Science in Entertainment Business