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Full Sail University's online Master of Science in Internet Marketing program provides the opportunity to learn about advanced search engine optimization techniques, web metrics, strategic analysis, and Internet marketing campaign development. Learn more about Full Sail University's Master of Science in Internet Marketing here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Program Is It?

Full Sail University's Master of Science in Internet Marketing program is offered entirely online. The curriculum is designed to teach you how to develop strategic and marketing plans that are effective, protect a company's image on the Internet, and cultivate a brand. Additional topics covered in the degree program include Internet law, web design, public relations, web metrics, and principles of interactive advertising design. A final project is required. You are also required to develop an integrated Internet marketing campaign.

What Are the Prerequisites?

You must hold a bachelor's degree from an accredited educational institution to apply to the Master of Science in Internet Marketing program. You must also be at least 18 years old and be a citizen of the United States or a U.S. resident. A letter of recommendation is also required. Program specific admission guidelines may stipulate additional requirements. Please contact a university representative to find out more.

What Are the Course Requirements?

To complete 39.19 credit hours over a period of 52 weeks. No general education courses are included because this is a master's degree program. A majority of the courses focus on Internet marketing but some also include general marketing topics. Since this is an online-only degree program, you should ensure that you have met Full Sail University's minimum software and hardware requirements for distance learning before enrolling.

Internet Marketing Course Requirements

Course Code Course Name
EDM 601 Media Literacy and Research Methodologies
IMK 511 Advanced Internet Marketing Strategies
IMK 521 New Media Marketing Analysis
IMK 541 Web Design for Search Engine Optimization
IMK 591 Internet Consumer Behavior and Analytics
IMK 621 Advanced Search Engine Optimization
IMK 641 Strategic Internet Public Relations
IMK 661 Web Metrics and Analysis
IMK 671 Internet and the Law
IMK 691 Internet Marketing Campaign Development
MAR 510 Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization
MAR 629 Business Storytelling and Brand Development

What Could I Do After I Graduate?

Career Opportunities

The goal of Full Sail University's Master of Science in Internet Marketing program is to give you the opportunity to compete for jobs in the Internet marketing industry. Employment opportunities in the field may exist with advertising agencies, corporations, non-profits, and e-commerce businesses. Graduates who can quickly recognize a business's needs and use their knowledge of consumer behavior and Internet marketing principles to drive results will have the best chance of securing employment. Possible careers related to the Masters in Internet Marketing include:

  • Social Media Manager
  • E-commerce Manager
  • Director of Marketing
  • SEO Strategist
  • Internet Public Relations Strategist
  • Advertising Manager