Education Specialist - Instructional Leadership

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The Education Specialist program in Instructional Leadership at Northcentral University focuses on the knowledge and skills necessary to facilitate instructional improvement and reform. Find out more about the Education Specialist program in Instructional Leadership here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Program Is It?

Northcentral University's online Education Specialist program in Instructional Leadership examines the structure of school systems and their impact on school programs, teaching strategies, assessment methods and organizational outreach. Emphasis is placed on fostering a culture of learning, professional learning communities and community leadership. Topics discussed include technology integration, curriculum supervision and management, organizational development and visionary leadership that promotes an organization's missions and goals. You can also learn about engaging with stakeholders, managing innovation and change, and complex decision-making that includes staff development and instructional supervision.

What Are the Prerequisites?

Before enrolling in the Education Specialist program in Instructional Leadership, you should have already earned a master's degree from an accredited institution. You may also have experience as a professional educator.

What Are the Course Requirements?

You must complete 33 credits to earn the Education Specialist in Instructional Leadership. This includes 18 specialization credits, six foundation credits, six methods credits and three capstone credits.

Courses for an Education Specialist in Instructional Leadership

Course CodeCourse Name
Required Foundation Courses
EDU 7101-8 Foundations for Graduate Study in Education
EDU 7001-8 Advanced Scholarly Writing
Required Methods Courses
EDU 7002-8 Educational Research Methodology
EDU 7003-8 Statistics I
Specialization Courses
Select six courses from the following:
IL 7000-8 The Culture of Learning
IL 7001-8 Leader as Advocate and Decision-Maker
IL 7002-8 Leaders as Community Advocate
ED 7014-8 Practices in School Organization
ED 7016-8 Supervision and Leadership in Schools
ED 7035-8 Curriculum Supervision
ED 7030-8 Development of Organizational Leadership
ED 7036-8 Innovation for Change
Capstone Course
EDU 7053-8 Education Specialist Capstone Project

What Could I Do After Graduation?

Career Opportunities

The Education Specialist program in Instructional Leadership is intended to prepare you for leadership roles in private schools, public school districts and state educational boards. Examples of positions you may wish to pursue include:

  • Superintendent
  • Principal
  • Director of Academic Affairs