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Northcentral University's Education Specialist program in International Education examines the economic, political, and cultural influences on education in today's globalized climate. Discover more about the Education Specialist program in International Education here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Program Is It?

The online Education Specialist program in International Education offered at Northcentral University gives you the opportunity to explore and analyze the theories of education systems around the world, including the commonalities, differences and connections between global and comparative education. You can study various approaches to international education leadership, the significance of globalization and technology in education, and international organizations in global education. Other topics include ethics, international school reform, educational inequality, and conflict negotiation practices currently used by peace negotiation specialists.

What Are the Prerequisites?

You should have already earned a master's degree from an accredited institution before enrolling in the Education Specialist program in International Education. You should also have an interest in global education.

What Are the Course Requirements?

The Education Specialist program in International Education requires the completion of 33 credits. In addition to 18 specialization credits, this includes six foundation credits, six methods credits and three capstone credits.

Courses for an Education Specialist in International Education

Course CodeCourse Name
Required Foundation Courses
EDU 7101-8 Foundations for Graduate Study in Education
EDU 7001-8 Advanced Scholarly Writing
Required Methods Courses
EDU 7002-8 Educational Research Methodology
EDU 7003-8 Statistics I
Specialization Courses
Select six courses from the following:
IE 7001-8 Introduction to Global and Comparative Education
IE 7003-8 Culture, Society, and Education in Comparative Perspective
IE 7005-8 International Organizations in Global Education
IE 7009-8 Conflict Resolution in an International Context
IE 7013-8 Globalization and Educational Change
IE 7007-8 International Education Leadership
IE 7017-8 International Education Concepts and Theory
IE 7021-8 Global Perspective on Ethical Issues
Capstone Course
EDU 7053-8 Education Specialist Capstone Project

What Could I Do After Graduation?

Career Opportunities

As a graduate of the Education Specialist program in International Education, you could seek employment opportunities in national and international institutions of education. Possible positions you could pursue include:

  • Enrollment Manager
  • Educational Consultant
  • Educator
  • Administrator