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Master - Education: International Education

The Master of Education with a specialization in International Education program at Northcentral University is focused on helping you gain a better idea of what would be required of you working with students of all types and in all types of situations in the education field. Read on to find out more about this program today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Program Is It?

The Master of Education program with a specialization in International Education at Northcentral University is designed to help you strengthen your already well-developed background in education while giving you a look at techniques for international students and situations. Courses will cover basics such as foundations for graduate study as well as more specific topics like global and comparative education. You will also have the opportunity to select from a number of elective specialized courses to better focus on areas where you have particular interest or talent. You will be required to pass all your classes with at least a B average and complete a capstone project in order to graduate from the program.

What Are the Prerequisites?

If you are interested in applying for this program, you should have patience as well as a knack for helping others understand material. You should want to develop new techniques for working with all sorts of students in all sorts of environments, as well as strengthen your knowledge of the education profession. You are required to have a bachelor's degree prior to applying to this program at Northcentral University.

What Are the Course Requirements?

To graduate from this program, you must complete 30 credit hours. Of those credits, 15 will be from foundational courses, 12 will be from specialization courses, and three will be from a final capstone project.

Courses for a Master of Education with a specialization in International Education

Course NumberCourse Title
Required Courses
EDU 5000Foundations for Graduate Study in Education
ED 5040 Leadership for Learning Communities
ED 5041 Adult Learning Strategies to Improve Organizational Efficacy
ED 5042Intercultural Communication
ED 5044Technology and a Vision for the Future
Specialization Courses
Select four courses from the following:
ED 5008 Teaching Diverse Students
ED 5012Leadership in Educational Organizations
IE 5001Introduction to Global and Comparative Education
IE 5003 International Education Concepts and Theory
IE 5005 International Organizations in Global Education
IE 5007 Conflict Resolution in an International Context
IE 5013 Globalization and Educational Change
IE 5021 Education and National Development
Capstone Course
ED 6002 Action Research Project Capstone

What Could I Do After Graduation?

Career Opportunities

Upon completing this program, you may be able to look into an international education career option that suits your abilities and interests. Potential career environments could involve working with students directly, working more with the materials and methods used to educate students, or working with other educators in an international setting.

Possible career paths include but are not limited to:

  • Teacher
  • Tutor
  • Educational Materials Designer/Producer
  • Overseas Educator
  • Language Program Designer
  • Principal