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If you are interested in computers and the Internet, you might consider Penn Foster's Career Diploma in Web Page Design program. Read on to learn how this program can equip you with fundamental design and software skills.

Frequently Asked Question

What Kind of Program Is It?

Penn Foster's Career Diploma in Web Page Design program is designed to train you in web publishing skills, design, computer graphics, HTML fundamentals, and Internet basics. Other areas of study could include Adbobe Dreamweaver, Internet security, and electronic commerce. You could also learn about the relationship between technology and society, advanced techniques for maintaining operating systems, and Internet programming. In order to complete much of the training in this program you may be required to purchase textbooks and computer software.

What Are the Prerequisites?

Those interested in Penn Foster's Career Diploma in Web Page Design program might have experience with computers, the Internet, or even online publishing and programming. Applicants to Penn Foster Career School's programs should be at least 18 years old.

What Are the Course Requirements?

This course of study consists of nine instruction sets. Each instruction set consist of one to four lessons.

Instruction SetLessons
Instruction Set 1 Learning Strategies
Technology and Society
Instruction Set 2 Internet Basics
Practical Exercise: Using the Internet
Instruction Set 3 Managing and Supporting Windows
Advanced Windows
Practical Exercise: Troubleshooting Windows
Instruction Set 4 Essential Web Publishing Skills
Elements of Design
Computer Graphics
Practical Exercise: Designing Electronic Documents
Instruction Set 5 HTML Fundamentals
Introduction to Web Page Design Software\ Practical Exercise: Web Page Fundamentals
Instruction Set 6 Using Dreamweaver, Part 1
Instruction Set 7 Using Dreamweaver, Part 2
Instruction Set 8 Internet Security
Introduction to Internet Programming
Uploading Web Pages
Instruction Set 9 Final Project

What Could I Do After I Graduate?

Career Opportunities

After graduating from Penn Foster's Career Diploma in Web Page Design program, you could pursue entry-level employment as a web page designer. You could find work as part of a web development firm or you could work on a freelance basis. Alternatively, you could start your own web design business.

Advanced Degrees

Another option for Penn Foster's Career Diploma in Web Page Design program graduates is to pursue a related bachelor's degree. Many bachelor's degree could build on the Internet and software knowledge learned in this program, including those in business- and computer-related fields. Degrees you could pursue include:

  • Bachelor of Science in Web Development
  • Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship
  • Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering
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