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Bachelor of Science in Environmental Policy & Management

Are you interested in a career that draws upon knowledge in both the physical and social sciences? If so, Purdue University Global's Bachelor of Science in Environmental Policy and Management degree may be right for you. Read more about this online bachelor's degree program here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Program Is It?

The Bachelor of Science in Environmental Policy and Management online degree program is designed to provide students with the opportunity to explore the interrelationship between the environment and society in both the public and the private sector. The program offers an interdisciplinary approach and requires that students take courses in law, environmental science, politics, culture, and economics. Students have the opportunity to learn about research methods, assess environmental policy and its impacts, and analyze current environmental issues on local, state, national, and global levels via case studies. An optional internship also provides students the chance to gain real-world experience and build their resume while completing their coursework.

What Are the Prerequisites?

Students considering in applying to Purdue Global's BS in Environmental Policy and Management program should be interested in environmental issues and US policy and have both strong writing and analytical skills. Candidates must meet the general admission

requirements for Purdue Global University which includes having earned a high school diploma or the equivalent. Some programs may have additional requirements.

What Are the Course Requirements?

Students enrolled in this Bachelor of Science in Environmental Policy and Management program are required to complete 180 total credit hours, which are divided between three types of courses. 95 of the credits are granted through the completion of the Major Requirements, 33 credits are granted through the Core Requirements, and 52 come from Open Electives.

Major Requirements

Course CodeCourse Title
LS100Introduction to the Law and Legal Profession
EM101Introduction to Environmental Policy and Management
EM205The Politics of Managing the Environment
PP110Ethics and Public Administration
PP220Socially Responsible Leadership
SC225Environmental Science - Ecosystems, Resources, and Carbon Footprints
EM305The Economics of Environmental Management
EM410The Global Environment
EM430Environmental Policy Analysis
LS302Environmental Law and Policy
LS305Constitutional Law
PA301Administrative Law
PP310Finance and Budgeting in the Public Sector
PP420Private and Public Sector Partnerships
PP450Program Evaluation
EM499Bachelor's Capstone in Environmental Policy and Management

Core Requirements

Course CodeCourse Title
CM107College Composition I
CM1220College Composition II
CS204Professionalism - Theory and Practice in the Global Workplace
Choose one of the following:
MM150Survey of Mathematics
MM212College Algebra
Choose one of the following:
HU200Arts and Humanities - Modern Creative Expressions
HU250Humanities and Culture
Choose one of the following:
SC200Discovering Science - Current Issues in a Changing World
SC235General Biology I - Human Perspectives
SC246Fundamentals of Microbiology
SC250Fundamentals of Science
Choose one of the following:
SS211The 1960s - Reshaping the American Dream
SS236People, Power, and Politics - An Introduction to American Government
SS250The Technological Revolution - A Social Scientific Approach

Open Elective Requirements

Course CodeCourse Title
52 credits of Open Electives

What Could I Do After I Graduate?

Career Opportunities

As the green economy continues to expand, new green economy jobs and related occupations continue to grow as well. Students who successfully complete Purdue Global's Bachelor of Science in Environmental Policy and Management program could be equipped with fundamental knowledge of the U.S. government, policy writing, and environmental management and may have gained the necessary leadership skills to begin a career in a green industry. Graduates may be able to pursue, but are not limited to, the following careers:

  • Sustainability coordinator
  • Corporate environmental specialist
  • Environmental policy consultant or advisor
  • Compliance specialist
  • Environmental planner

Advanced Degrees

Purdue University Global offers accelerated master's programs that allow students to take graduate-level coursework as part of their open electives while completing their Bachelor of Science in Environmental Policy and Management degree. Achieving a higher degree may allow students to take on more advanced roles or additional responsibilities in the workplace. Graduates of this BS in Envrionmental Policy and Management program could pursue a more advanced degree through Purdue University Global in the following areas:

  • Master of Science in Legal Studies
  • Master of Science in Psychology
  • Master of Science in Human Studies
  • Master of Public Administration