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Individuals who want to teach others and who have a sincere appreciation for computers and technology might consider obtaining a degree such as Saint Joseph University's Master of Science in Instructional Technology. To learn more about this program, continue reading.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Program Is It?

Instructional technology has to do with the various technological means by which educational subjects are presented to pupils. Within the scope of Saint Joseph University's research-based program, you will be able to explore topics such as distance education, multimedia instruction, and instructional technology application strategies. You'll have the opportunity to learn to utilize technology to track students' progressive improvement and create instructional multimedia products. Additionally, the program is designed to offer hands-on experience through its various multimedia assignments. Along with the master's degree in instructional technology, this program also allows you to acquire the Instructional Technology Specialist Certification.

What Are the Prerequisites?

Program applicants should be educational or training professionals who want to specialize in instructional technology or build upon their current expertise in this area of study. Ultimately, you should aspire to improve education or training through the use of technology. Applicants to Saint Joseph University's programs should have earned at least a bachelor's degree; some programs may have additional requirements.

What Are the Course Requirements?

This program can be taken with or without certification. The certification program requires that you complete a total of 33 credit hours, 27 of which will be core courses. To earn your Master of Science in Instructional Technology you would take an additional elective course (3 credits) for a total of 36 credits.

Master of Science in Instructional Technology Core Courses

Course Code Course Name
ITS 605 Technology Applications for the Classroom (3 credits)
ITS 610 Applying Theories of Learning to Interactive Technologies (3 credits)
ITS 615 Interactive and Emerging Technologies (3 credits)
ITS 620 Multimedia Productions (3 credits)
ITS 625 Research in Instructional Technology (3 credits)
SPE 630 Design and Technologies for Differentiated Instruction (3 credits)
ITS 640 Technology Planning (3 credits)
EDU 646 Language and Culture (3 credits)
ITS 630 Instructional Technology (3 credits)

Choose one of the following electives:
ITS 645 Teaching & Learning at a Distance (3 credits)
ITS 635 Networks: Configurations and Implementation (3 credits)

What Could I Do After I Graduate?

Career Opportunities

Your success in the job market depends largely on you and your outlook, but it is beneficial to have the requisite educational qualifications and skill levels. With these things in place, you could begin by pursuing positions such as these:

  • Instructional Technology Specialist
  • Media Specialist
  • Technology Coordinator
  • Technology Director
  • Education Technologist
  • Technology Consultant

Advanced Degrees

Become a scholar by continuing your education at the doctorate level. The goal of doctorate instructional technology programs is to instill knowledge of instruction and curriculum and research methodologies. You could choose a program such as:

  • Ph.D. in Instructional Technology